S&P 500 To 8,000 by 2030? EASILY POSSIBLE!!!!

The is now around 4,000 points and there are many preaching doom and gloom circumstances and 50% down. Naturally, no one knows what will occur and we have to be ready for all circumstances, however here I want to discuss the thesis that the goes to 8,000 and what would it consider that to occur.

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S&P 500 To 8,000 by 2030? EASILY POSSIBLE!!!!

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  1. Hi, Sven! Thanks alot for another video this weekend! I have done investing mistakes, Buffett has done investing mistakes and I find learning from mistakes as the best way to learn. I was wondering if you perhaps are interested in making a video about personal investing mistakes, what you learned and what you do to prevent from doing the same mishaps again? Thanks again

    1. I have already prepared it, and will come soon, give me a few more weeks as there were many mistakes 🙂

    2. @Rick Stainton To learn from falsification is NEVER a mistake, it is the way you progress and succeed! ☝

  2. Only a Black Swan can bring back the S&P500 to 2000 again. Most probably we will never even see 3000 again.

    S&P500 index ETF will perform again with 10% annualised return.

    Small pockets of undervalued stocks here and there might catch the attention of value investors.

  3. Very sensible analysis, Sven, great insights. Please don’t forget us with the video of your opinion about car companies. They seem to be very attractive -with electrification on the way and with the PE under 5, they look very interesting. Debt for car companies is high, but I don’t see them going out of business.

  4. We have entered the fractional shares Era.

    Retail investors will always be in the mix and the multiples will never go low again.

    1. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D.


      But, if you can buy AAPL for pennies on the dollar due to fractioning… it’s going to be interesting.. There will always be buyers and not decades of stagnation.

      Meme stocks .. Tesla are elevated thanks to fractional shares… no, PE of 10 is no longer possible.

  5. Important to remember when looking at US market charts with very old data points that the US left the gold standard in 1971, meaning that because gold no longer backs the Dollar real US assets become more desirable as an investment. If all-in on stocks the variance this year can be a worry, which is why a cash cushion is often a sound plan because if there is a sell-off then you can buy more shares at cheap prices.

    1. It’s only a worry if you need the money soon im 98% in stocks and bought in May/June/July when index was -20%. Need the money in 30 years 😀

  6. Sempre ben druze Sven, praticamente mettiamo la tripla 1×2 come nel vecchio Totocalcio… grazie per il servizio

    1. @Alexis Gamarra They don’t include dividends which is a big reason probably. But during a crash they are probably great to buy.

  7. Hi Sven, Great video. Unrelated question: what’s your take on Terry Smith?

    Love your channel! Great value!

  8. First , we have a major debt reconciliation/ correction ahead of us. It will be a worldwide event…

  9. What are the chances bitcoin goes to 2000$?
    Definitely higher! As it will have to pass by 2000$ mark on its way to 0

  10. How did we get to the point where people think the price of stocks has some drastic impact on the price of goods and services?

    1. Because most of people’s wealth is in financial assets – add up housing and stocks, and you look at more than 50% of wealth – which impacts confidence and spending!

    2. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. but in almost every case, housing IS the majority of their net worth (assuming they own)

  11. Hi sven I learn about free cash flow to equity and to the firm can you tell the difference? and when to use fcfe or fcff to value company?

    1. That is a good question – I usually focus on free cash flow in general – don’t know the other formulas by heart, there are many!

    2. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. i found out that with leverage company for example domino pizza using fcff give much higher value than fcfe the price using fcff is consider fairly value but for fcfe it really overvalue. i wonder which one is better use? i found out bill ackman bought in around 330 so i guess he use fcff to value this stock.

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