Stock Market Comment: Growth Stocks Opportunities, Downside, FED Chickening Out, Guru Buys…

Comment: Growth Opportunities, Disadvantage, FED Chickening Out, Master Buys …

0:17 Growth
3:13 Strong Brand names
5:28 Crash Magnitude
7:56 FED Chicken
10:06 Gury Buys

10 Stocks with Just Eat Stock

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Stock Market Comment: Growth Stocks Opportunities, Downside, FED Chickening Out, Guru Buys…

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  1. German RealEstateStocks
    A few I look at:
    – Vonovia
    – LEG Immobilien
    – TAG Immobilie
    – Alstria Office
    – AroundTown
    – Adler Group (but only because this company could go bust, it is in big trouble)

    1. The divi of TAG is insane right now…
      …considering we are talking residental real estate…

  2. When interest rates are very low the multiples that drive growth stock present value calculations have a very wide spread, leading to speculation. As interest rates rise, there is less room for hype. Whales can take advantage of this at low rates, so you tended to see these fairly obvious “manipulations”. Very low and negative rates are pretty bad for this reason since they sort of defy the laws of financial physics, lol.

  3. Great value in this video Sven, thanks. Could you please check back in with two Canadian stocks you previously covered? SRU and SU? SRU is a REIT with aspirations of becoming a developer here in Toronto where we cannot build housing or rental units fast enough. SU is making great money now with high oil prices, it’s been a good and profitable holding but I’m unsure where to exit. What do you make of the criticism of their management by Elliot Investment Management? Thanks

  4. I’m sure it was in the fine print, but I can’t remember: Does Sven’s research platform automatically renew after a year, or do you have to repay manually?

  5. Sven what is going on with flow traders??? You said it is a hedge against market volatility/market crashes but it’s crashing along with it!!

    1. I am curious too if I am missing something. Brutal drop – but couldn’t find any company news

    1. Perhaphs larger funds being impatient that the markets are falling and the stock is not really being moved by other institutional investors and retail traders. So them expecting that the negative beta correlation to the market has disappeared after COVID could be a possibility and they choose cash over a stock.

  6. Hahahahaha, pindakaas rules!!! Groeten uit Nederland van een pindakaas fan. Thanks for the video again.

  7. You are not going to get a business like Unilever for 8 or 10 price to free cash flow unless there is some sort of a problem/risk or huge market crash. Yes, you can get a chance like that maybe once in your lifetime but you have to evaluate the risk and see if it is overblown or not – I feel like you should add that disclaimer for newbies – yes markets can be irrational but sometimes things are cheap for a reason…

  8. Great video Sven!!!
    “Reeelly Reeelly ”

    Minute 6:00 is the clue of all this video and the future of the market!!!

  9. If we get a recession, Unilever will suffer… If cash is tight, a lot if people will turn to the much cheaper store brands…

  10. i agree with klarman … i think the fed chicken out (which they will choose to) will lead to a bigger problem in the future!
    choosing to look good rather than do good.

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