If I Wanted to Be A Millionaire Before 30, I’d Do THIS

Want to become a millionaire while you're still young? Here's what I would do in a different way if I might start over, and how you can arrive even quicker.

00:02:28 – Lesson # 1.
00:05:25 – Lesson # 2.
00:07:49 – Lesson # 3.
00:13:10 – Lesson # 4.
00:16:09 – Lesson # 5.
00:17:16 – Lesson # 6.



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I Will Teach You to Be Rich (humorous how-to book on individual financing for millennials).

The Little Book of Good Sense Investing (Jack Bogle's timeless advice on index funds).

InvestED (step-by-step, millennial-friendly recommendations on how to choose stocks like Warren Buffett).

Unshakeable (this book = guts. blast ALL the fears & misconceptions you have about investing).

Rich Father Poor Father (# 1 selling personal finance book of perpetuity … need I state more?).

Think and Grow Rich (the ultimate book on cash mindset and wealth awareness).



YNAB (I actually can't live without this budgeting app, so consumed).

Wise (like Venmo but for worldwide currencies – I utilize this app a LOT for my life in Mexico).

High-Yield Cost Savings Accounts (do not choose 0% when you can get 3%+ on your cost savings).

Ledger Nano S (crypto storage hardware wallet, because "Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto"!):.



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If I Wanted to Be A Millionaire Before 30, I'd Do THIS

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    1. Completely agree.
      In fact have just shared it with my kids who are in college.

      In this video she summarises a lot of really valuable information that you could receive in many books and/or hundreds of videos. All packaged into 6 important lessons


  2. I wonder why people constantly look down at people with “earned income”.

    I understand that people who have a YouTube channel probably come under having business.

    But you do realize that there are people who work for YouTube who design the interface and algorithm – the “earned income “ people – the software engineers that are behind the whole business platform .

    Again this video doesn’t take into consideration that business can fail- whereas earned income is constant .

    People can make a choice after they understand the risks as well.

    1. @@Highlove96earned income – atleast for engineers is a skill . If it fails – you take your 3 months severance – find the next job 😂the next company that uses algorithms and interface .

    2. I’m pretty sure that most of the software engineers who developed YouTube are multi-millionaires by now.

  3. Amazing tips, but honestly, these tips are more effective in developing your social skills than making you a millionaire. I wish it was that simple. It takes more than these tips; some people won’t even know or need them to become millionaires, but I get the positive part of sharing them.

    1. That’s actually what I liked about this video, because she covers the financial side in plenty of her other videos. So in the context of everything she’s put out this is a great addition which is usually never touched on in other finance youtubers channels.

  4. Love this video! Thanks for sharing and well done for getting to where you are financially! Hard work pays off 💪💪💪

  5. Good girl 👌 great video…. ive recently just turned 35 and happy to say im now retired and survive on my etf dividends . Life is beautiful , definitely work smarter not harder… achieving this took me 10 years.. our minds are so powerful

    1. I recently just discovered how dividend payments can retire you early and I’m pumped for it ,but as you mentioned it’ll probably take about 10 years of consistency.

  6. Jeez I’d have been stoked to get a $20-30k bonus when I worked on a job! £500 was the max you could hope for in my organization.

  7. Your single best video ever!!! Way to tell it like it is!! This video is going to help many people!! Thanks Rose

  8. I think this is your best video. Great content here. However, I do think a traditional education in a valuable domain is a great foundation to build upon and provides a fallback. You yourself have a BS in finance, and I think that helped you more than you realize. It open up your mind and gave you the mental tools you used to get where you are now. Many businesses require an advanced degree to start (medical, engineering, etc.).

  9. I love this new video format! It’s like her old videos from 3-4 years ago but with some tight new editing and lighting. Gets me pumped to boost my income and make some MOOLAH 🎉

  10. Hi Rose, you are the first YouTuber I subscribed to learn personal finance and my favorite one! I started my journey 2 years ago when I was 18. I am very resonated with your background; also coming from a immigrant family, I work hard to educate myself about personal finance. Thanks so much for sharing these advices!

    1. Nice! I wish I had started that young. If you already started learning about your finances as a teen you’re gonna do well in life.

  11. Staying abreast of the latest trends and strategies is crucial for traders to stay ahead and make well-informed decisions. Beginners in trading and investing must recognize that success in these fields demands technical analysis, emotional maturity, and self-discipline. Thanks to Monica Lisa Payne insights, daily trade signals, and my dedication to learning, I’ve been increasing my daily earnings. Kudos to the journey ahead!

    1. erNameIs Monica Lisa Payne, cant divulge much. Most likely, the internet should have her basic info, you can research if you like

    2. I just looked up this person out of curiosity, surprisingly she seems really proficient, I thought this was just some overrated BS, I appreciate this.

    3. I’ve just looked up her full name on my browser and found her webpage without sweat, very much appreciate this

    4. She’s “MONICA LISA PAYNE”. Also maintains an online presence. Just make a simple search for her name online.

    5. Thanks, I actually did look her up curiously I copied her whole name and pasted it into my browser; her website appeared immediately, and her qualifications are excellent; thank you for sharing.

  12. Your journey from deep debt to financial freedom is incredibly inspiring! 🌟 Emphasizing the importance of self-education and surrounding yourself with the right people highlights how crucial these elements are to breaking traditional employment molds and achieving true financial independence.

  13. One of the things I really like about a lot of your videos is the mindset piece. It is so critical.

  14. I love these new type of videos. Took me back to when I just subscribed to your channel 2 years ago. As a middle class citizen seeking a stable finance, I saved 10k last year and flipped into six figures within a few months and still going. I’ve always been an advocate of investing in the stock market because it has been rather rewarding. I hope that one day I attain financial freedom.

    1. You can’t overlook the fact that it’s paramount not to get greedy but to remain invested through careful study, if not you can lose it all.

    2. I have some money saved from day job. I have no idea where or how to invest. How are you doing it, Akina?

    3. My colleagues had a good laugh at me when I told them I started my journey with $10k capital and how I accumulated over 6 figures within a span of 7 months. They never believed me until I pulled out my P&L.

      I know that learning the ins and outs of the market isn’t for everyone, that’s why personally, Jonas Herman oversees my investments.

    4. Do not forget that when it comes to the stock market, prices can be erratic, rising and declining quickly, often in relation to companies’ policies, which individual investors do not influence.

    5. Odd question. Do you also play words with friends? If not someone could be impersonating you. Sorry for an odd question.

  15. I am so happy you back to doing regular finance videos . The way you explain things is defenitely a gift. Great video!

  16. Hard work, perseverance and focus. Presence, sprinkle of luck and a dash of determination.
    Aunt Rose, you make a wonderful, useful & concise presentation – Thank you! 🙂

  17. Love that you touched on personal growth and specifically therapy. This is so overlooked in society but would absolutely benefit everyone. It sometimes takes humility, self-awareness and the ability to see your own flaws, but investing in yourself and your mental health pays the most dividends. 💜

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