BYD Stock Is A Buy If They Keep Growing (even if just as slow as Tesla)

is a stock to buy on the risk and benefit situation, nevertheless it is a development stock and all depends on future growth, especially international expansion.

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6:34 Financials
8:01 Investing Risk & Reward

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BYD Stock Is A Buy If They Keep Growing (even if just as slow as Tesla)

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  1. One other risk with BYD, is that i believe it’s heavily subsidized by the CCP. This could be the reason for high gross margins, would be problematic if they stopped it. Furthermore, the EU/US may increase tariffs on chinese car manufacturers, if they flood the western markets

    1. U are absolutely right. We can find the hidden CCP support amount roughly from their financial report.

    2. @@brunoheggli2888 Yeah well it wouldn’t be the end of the world for BYD but it certainly would not be good

    3. Just wanted to write that, that’s what Europe is trying to fight now, the unfair advantage of being subsidized by China which makes European cars irrelevant until BYD crashes because China is entering/is in a recession then there will be no money to subsidize and pump BYD’s price artificially.

      Oh and don’t forget about big competition from other companies which enter this market more slowly but are more reliable like Japanese car makers (Toyota & Honda❤)

  2. Tempting, but I just don’t know enough about Car/EV companies to feel confident about choosing the one to rule them all.

  3. Hi Sven! Thanks for posting so ofter. Im seeing value in Alibaba and JD. What are your tought ?
    1 profitable
    2 trading at low multiples
    3 well maneged .
    Also, the technicals indicate that the stock could go lower however i think they will do great in the long term.

    1. @@Value-Investing JD has its own supply chain, while Alibaba has a presence in the financial and cloud computing sectors. Which one is the big difference you mentioned?

  4. Worth to remark that this is one and Pinduoduo are among those Chinese companies for which CCP and Taiwan Risk do not apply! These are investible, unlike Baba 😂

  5. Seems about fairly valued to me. Some comparisons to Tesla and such, but that’s meaningless to me, just means Tesla should be at $40 per share at best, and $30 more reasonably.

  6. Looking at all the comments, fells like everyone is scared of Chinese stocks and the sentiment is so low that it must be the best time to invest! Only time will tell…

    Maybe BYD can become the next Toyota and be a pretty good company and investment, or maybe they’ll end up like all the forgotten/discontinued brands (Pontiac, Plymouth, Saab, Hummer…)… Who knows.

    1. People are just in the know of China. China is screwing around with western car companies and banning as an example Tesla’s in some cities etc. it’s just a matter of time for retaliation. Then we have the fact that China is already in a recession and the CCP are running out of money. I also think that buying Chinese stock is supporting a communist regime. So no thanks. Money is not that important for me that I’d support Marxists

  7. There seems to be a lot of complaints about BYD car quality. What are your thoughts or concerns about these issues?

  8. My risk management philosophy can’t let me invest in a sector with +100 competitors I know nothing about. Out of my league.

  9. The risk is that CCP just decides that they need that BYD cashflow , hard to buy any chinese stock for this reason

  10. My issue with EV cars is the amount of money governments are spending helping customers to buy. Can governments keep the pace of financially inflating the demand? Considering debt, interest rates and budget deficit ? How much is the real demand / how many customers are really capable of paying for Evs. Ok. Perhaps we can catch a demand pick over the next couple of years, but later on? Put money on it to see how much you can get in 1 or 2 years?

  11. Virtually every Chinese stock is cheap on paper. If I closed my eyes to political risk I’d be 100% long China equities right now but I have to limit myself to 10% extra weighting. In 20 years if the CCCP take our shares away we’ll know they were cheap for a reason. If that never materialises everyone will say how easy it was to throw money in here now. How obvious it was.

  12. Hi, Sven. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Highly appreciated!
    I wonder if you could also comment on:
    1. Lucid – It’s down from $60’s to $2.5 – (unlike BYD, it is not profitable though) is it a ‘good buy’ today or is it a total trash?
    As a side note: American producers (F, GM) recently announced that they cut their EV production plans amid lower than expected demand that they see…. I think BYD (and others) might feel that too in the coming year or two.
    2. What’s your take on China-related stocks today? They are pretty cheap today, compared to 1-2 years ago. For instance BABA, which you covered in multiple videos in recent years, seemed as a good / robust investment back then, event at $200-300; today it is below $70 – did you revisit your valuation / rating recently?

  13. Been looking at CN EVs lately but it is really hard to decide who is worth investing in. BYD is the obvious choice just because of production numbers and infrastructure, but… Their cars are trash. Li Auto is interesting because they make better cars, have a lot of cash, low debt and their sales are increasing. If you are looking at just who makes the best car then Xpeng. If you are looking at popularity because of familiarity the AITO (Huawei). If you are looking at integration with other devices under the same roof then Xiaomi. If you strongly believe in battery swapping then NIO. Just so many different companies it seems like a real gamble to back any single one.

  14. For every 1 car sold BYD has almost 2 cars in stock, so huge inventory. I would recommend not buying the stock!

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