Investing Course #8 Where To Invest Your First $1,000 Today!

My passion is to try to find low danger high benefit investment chances. I apply my accounting abilities and investing experience in order to find intriguing investment ideas that use the possibility to lead me towards my monetary goals.
If you are a sophisticated investor trying to find in depth, independent stock analyses and investing concepts, here is my STOCK EXCHANGE RESEARCH STUDY PLATFORM (organization and sector risk and reward analysis, my portfolios):.


Are you an investor that is simply starting? Register for the FREE Stock Exchange Investing Course – a comprehensive guide to investing talking about all that matters:.

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I am likewise a book author:.
Modern Value Investing book:.

Investing Course #8 Where To Invest Your First $1,000 Today!

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    1. @K K Has been a substantial holding of mine, currently re-evaluating the position after a 60% return 👍

    1. Sven in vested last years in Intel, Alibaba, Flowtraders, Forfarmers, Gazprom etc all down at least 50 % or more now…. he is mainly making money with selling his platform wich is fine but DYOR and fair to say he always says see if it fits your personal investing style. My advice, start your own business and sell it one day. Investing in individual stocks is not for 90 % of most people. Better to buy the index, the odds are against you both intellectually and behaviour wise. The last edge a retail investor has is patience.

  1. Money is not meant to control people, rather it is meant to be put to work producing more money for you. You cannot build wealth without putting money in its rightful place

    1. This administration putting so many families into difficult situations, low income people are suffering to survive! You’ve helped me and my family Zachary mannes, Imagine investing $2,000 and receiving $8,250 in 14days

  2. Thanks a lot for your time and your videos Sven, I really appreciate the time and effort you put into educating others about investing and finance! I’ve been watching your videos for several years now and I believe it have changed my investing mindset and philosophy a lot. Recently I have been looking for alternatives to investing in Europe (where I am from) and the US. What are you thoughts on Canadian banks as an investing alternative for putting some money into while we wait for better opportunities to present themselves. A lot of the banks have a dividend yield in the range of 4-6%, would it be worthwhile compared to just investing in the SP500 or bonds for instance?

  3. I’ve been buying things every few months with the dividends I earn. Almost always reinvest it. My attitude has changed. In part due to this channel, so thanks.

  4. You can’t time the market. Best to cover by starting with the markets e.g. 70/30 and between domestic and international, mirror the world economic model, then tilt toward value.

    1. That is a solid advice, in line with academia and history. Also, minimise management fees and tax burden. All can be achieved cheaply.

    2. I would be a poor kid if I did that, I destroyed the market in my life, so that is something that doesn’t work for me. If it works for you, good for you!

  5. Timing the market = failure. Everything is already baked in the price. You can’t beat the big hedge funds and automated traders, just ride along if you are lucky.

    1. Agree: timing the market = FAILURE!

      But, nobody is timing the market here, we are investors! Investors buy businesses at the price they like and that fits one financial needs over time!

  6. I’m wondering how I as a European can benefit from the current US treasury yield.
    I know there are US bond ETFs but do these reflect the current interest rate, or is it a collection of older and newer bonds at varying rates?

    1. plus think of currency, you are then also playing the EUR USD game! so, you cannot know, but you have to see how it fits you!

  7. There are no save accounts in my country that offer a higher yield above 3%. I have too look outside my country or trust my money with banks that I’ve never heard of. That have let people too weird situations, looking at you Iceland bank…

  8. i sticked t your strategy, bought your subscription and my portfolio is down about 15 %, not up 2.3 % like the average investor, flow is down more than 50%, asos 83 %, veon 60 %, ffarm 35 %, baba alos 20 % etc, that was all your strategy, all your stock picks

    1. there is strategy, and there is portfolio fluctuations. as I always explain what I do, I am sure you know that!

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