Buffett’s Bertie | InvestED Podcast | #461

As detailed in the most recent edition of Berkshire Hathaway's annual shareholder letter, discovering success in worth doesn't need expensive qualifications, obsessive research study, or exploitative scheming– it takes sound judgment and the willingness to keep yourself informed about your financial investments.

In a world full of people rabidly vying for your attention in every possible arena, knowing how to focus that attention on what is essential while weeding out the noise of the experts and snake oil salesmen is what separates successful financiers from the remainder of the pack.

In this week's show, Phil and Danielle get a bit more granular on the most current Berkshire Hathaway shareholder letter and discuss what separates Bertie Buffett from her competition.


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Buffett's Bertie | InvestED Podcast | #461

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  1. is this financial podcast or the life & times of Phil and Danielle….read all the books and I am a great admirer…but if I want to listen to a podcast like this I will talk w/ my wife

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