Unilever Stock is A Buy For Diversified Dividend Portfolios (new management)

is a buy for diversified dividend portfolios. analysis/ good capital, some development, even if simply from inflation, direct exposure to Asia/ stock relatively priced.

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Stock is A Buy For Diversified Dividend Portfolios (new management)

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  1. C’est rafraîchissant de faire partie d’une communauté où l’ego passe au second plan par rapport à la quête du savoir. L’humilité est vraiment une vertu ici.🧡

  2. 🗽 The Unilever stock for me seems currently to be a bit expensive. 🤔 Maybe if it goes down by 10% ??

    1. This stock moves between 45 and 60. Its yield is just 3.5%. lol, no point in buying this stock.

    2. ​@@TheBoobanIt’s described as a good dividend stock. Not to expect huge returns.

    3. @@johnristheanswer but it’s not even that. Besides, a good divided stock should 2x in 5 years. Just buy it when it’s down. This isn’t down.

  3. Great video!

    Sven could you pleae make video about coal companies? Are they finished because of the renewable energy trend?

    Or are coal mining companies still profitable due to demands from countries like India and China?

  4. It’s about time they got new management. They are a great company. They have a lot of great products

  5. We can’t forget they are separating from their ice cream business, so let’s see how this is managed, if it’s a spinoff and you get shares of the new company, this may be valuable… or not…

  6. The reason why the stock popped recently is the news of the spin-off of the Ice Cream division. The new management took that decision because the want to exit the food business in the GPL-1 new world (Terry Smith is a GPL-1 fan given his stake in Novo Nordisk). Even if will be the a right choice, it makes harder to predict futures cash flow of the whole company in my opinion.

    1. @@zenastronomy That magic drug that makes you lose weight by eating less. That made Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly Stocks go to the moon and it’s scaring some part of the food sector.

  7. Thanks Mate, the sad truth is that no one has a clue, we all react to what happens as it happens and try to analyse it but can’t predict an iota of what is going to unfold in the markets… content creators are like amplifiers, when times are good they affirm it and try to tell you why it’s good and that it’s looking bullish but then all of a sudden the market turns bearish and everyone affirms it again and try to analyse why… it’s so sad that many are so powerless and it’s not about guessing the market’s next move; it’s about playing it smart and steady during trading…managed to grow a nest egg of around 2.3Bitcoin to a decent 19Bitcoin in the space of a few months… I’m especially grateful to Francine Duguay, whose deep expertise and traditional trading acumen have been invaluable in this challenging, ever-evolving financial landscape.

    1. Thanks for keeping it light and real at the same time.  Much needed for us traders in times like these!

    2. This is why it is advisable to connect with a true market strategist in order to avoid missing such opportunity and maintain steady gains.

  8. hello sven carlin sir , I am from south ‘india you are talk about stocks analysis very clearly and meaning full sir ,very interested with me i am also watching your vedios before many years you talk about some fundamentals strong stocks sir ”reply me ” you are reply for me i am so happy?

  9. I sold, they sold brands for peanuts and acquired other brands for ridiculous values. Debt is only increasing. Hard pass for me, i rather voo/schd/vhyl at that point

  10. Isnt 9% just what me a diversified etf would bring? Why buy one stock for 9% pa when having an etf with thousands of stocks for 9%…

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