Canadian Bank Earnings in Two Weeks | What to Expect in 2024

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In this video, I was fortunate to be able to talk with Rob Wessel, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Hamilton ETFs. Rob shared his knowledge on comprehensive issues that affect our Canadian banks consisting of the present concerns surrounding the approaching home loan renewals at today's higher rates, bank dividends, credit loss arrangements, rates of interest and how he feels about the Canadian banks and their expansion to foreign markets. If you purchase Canadian banks, you do not want to miss this video.


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Canadian Bank Earnings in Two Weeks | What to Expect in 2024

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  1. thanks for the great video Marc. i really appreciate all your content your making. im glad you have taken the torch for the familly. shout out to Brandon for starting this!!!

  2. Very thorough analysis. Just a question: I own Td and Bns. What is the likelihood of even a small dividend increase announced in their earnings in 2 weeks?
    Do you have any insight?

  3. “I think what I’m saying is widely understood.” xD Bang on!
    This government gotta go, this isnt the the Chritien, the Manley, or the Martin Liberal anymore…hopefully more people will realize that.

  4. hmm. I’ve been considering buying more BMO…hindsight says I am late by a fe months…maybe I’ll wait till earnings… of course, a dollar here of there on a purchase now won’t matter much in 10 years.

  5. Hamilton ETF…with all due respect to Rob.. the company itself fooling investors by high yields on covered call depreciation, stay away from the all the HDIV HDIF etc

  6. Great questions Marc. Excellent interview.
    I own CM (since 1997) and TD in my dividend portfolio. 🇨🇦👋😁

  7. Thanks for the great video Marc. It is indeed fortunate for all your viewers that you are able to get access to the experts at Hamilton and Harvest. Both are excellent managers of capital. I have owned their ETF’s for several years now and am very comfortable with their covered call strategies and their ability to take positions in great companies. His comments on the way the current federal government runs the economy were right on and I would encourage your viewers to think long and hard if they are planning to vote liberal in the next election. There are dire economic ramifications if they cast a vote for the liberals.

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