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  1. Shows how messed up the US system is. Those earplugs will have ben supplied by 3M to the US military who will have procurred them to meet a specification. The Veterans were employed by the US government and should be suing their (ex)employer not 3M , but the lawyers know that is a tough gig. If the US military believe they were sold products that did not meet the agreed spec they should sue 3M not the VETS.

    1. Even worse the earplugs were produced by a company later bought from 3M, but the judge didn’t accept the closure of the child company.

  2. 3M all but closing the plant in Antwerp Belgium. Forever chemicals like PFAS, fluorbased chemicals have for decades polluted the nearby communities. They will have to sanitize the entire area costing billions and we’re not even talking about fines and lawssuits.

    1. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. My colleague owns 2 house in the contaminated area. He ate veggies and eggs from his garden. His eggs don’t need a teflon pan to not stick. 😅

    1. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. yea but it does seem like the lawsuit will affect future cash flows
      Which does affect valuation

  3. MMM makes 60,000 different products. That means there are 60,000 different ways for MMM to get sued. Something as simple as ear plugs can cause so much damage to the company. That’s incredible!

  4. If they have to pay because of the lawsuit it will be spread out over multiple years not 100b all at once. Plus: how are you going to prove that it was the earplugs that didn’t work? Maybe you were not using them properly. Ministry of defense already said that most claims are not legitimate. I am buying heavily. This is an opportunity, not a threat. We’ll see in 10 years, but I think you will regret not buying now!
    It takes a scandal like this for these type of stocks to get so cheap. When this was at 200 something nobody worried that they might get sued but now all of a sudden they fear about the 60000 products and all the possibilities that brings to having lawsuits. Come on!!

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