Most Important Chart For Investors!

The most crucial chart for financiers reveals us what not to do. If we can avoid doing foolish things, the outcomes should be fantastic!

0:00 The Chart
2:00 Performance
3:43 Linearity
4:05 Genius Worry
6:29 Accumulation

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Constantly keep in mind: "Investing involves risk of loss".

Most Important Chart For Investors!

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  1. Great video Sven. Since the REITs are statisticly “better” maybe in the future one video about them. For educational purposes. (Like why p/e doesnt matter and why should we look for FFO and AFFO). Just and idea. See how it fits you 😉

  2. Well the solution to the underperformance is for the average investor to just buy a total market etf and keep adding each month on autopilot and never sell but this would cause Sven to go out of business so he doesn’t like it 😀

    1. Sven has no business related to the AVERAGE investor, for 99% of people, great, but with some small caveats. Sven’s business is for the 1%.

    2. Instead of a total market ETF, you can mix and match your own ETF portfolio maybe Sven won’t think we are average anymore if we do.

  3. I like investing in stocks, because I like truth. Or in other words: “Stock market is a perfect weighting mashine in long term, short term – just a banch of Youtubera votes”.

  4. Love the video! Random question: Did I miss last week’s Margin of Safety video? I can’t find it and greatly enjoyed that series

  5. Unfortunately I bought some hype stocks in early 2021 and they all got crushed. My value stocks are okay, I’ll hold on to all off them and let’s see what happens. I’m also trying to buy more stocks when I can, but pay more attention to the actual financial numbers behind the companys.

    1. in 2021 I would get 10 messages a day how I shoud cover this or that, how it will change the world, most people were in those…

    2. ​@Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. It’s actually funny. Now people stop investing because their stocks didn’t fly to the moon but got absolutely hammered. I am doing the opposite: I’ll keep investing and keep learning.

  6. I’m one of those rubbish speculators. But I haven’t got time to analyse 100s of companies ! Even if I knew how.

  7. Would like to know what the “average investor” means (how is calculated)? Market %, is nice and good, but you lose the upside with it. How likely is it that this is a selling point for ETFs?

  8. I started reading Howard marks investment philosophy and I learned more deeply that even a lousy company can make you money if you buy it at a right price and a great company can lose you money if bought at the Wrong price, makes you think about the situation of meta at the moment, even if it doesn’t go anywhere with meta etc, is at worst a double with the current price!

  9. One needed clarification missing from this video: It’s true that “buying the bottom” is the best thing to do but the bottom cannot be accurately predicted. That’s why someone should build a position near what is the likely bottom, either by dollar-cost averaging, buying dips, etc.

  10. Sometimes I feel for the sake of my mental health, just put that money into sp500 index fund and forget about it until retirement. 😂

    1. that looks smart as you look at the last 40 years, but might not be in the future!

  11. Great video as always! The chart got me thinking… the S&P averaged 9.5% over the last 20 years. Eventually the annual growth at this rate will stop. Would it be a wise decision to change portfolio policy, reallocating capital into high yield savings, and bonds?

  12. great video thank you Sven!
    do you think differences between asset returns would be different if data was from last 100 years and not 20? not trying to time markets or anything, its just that most of us haven’t lived threw rising interest rates periods

  13. Personally, I like the reverse Cramer and reverse Ark funds. I haven’t invested in them, but I predict they’ll beat the market. It’ll be fun to watch. 🙂

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