Stock By Stock YT Portfolio – Big Restructuring & One BIG BUY!

Here is the stock by stock introduction of our YT stock portfolio. There is one big tactical buy.

0:00 YT Portfolio Idea
3:58 WBD
6:30 RUBIS
12:00 MICRON
12:32 META
13:00 KWEB
13:57 INTEL
14:36 GOOG
15:02 BRK
15:34 ADM.
16:00 Deals.
23:32 AMZN BUY.

Buffett Sells The Majority Of Stocks.
Rubis First Video.
Berkshire last Profits.

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Stock By Stock YT Portfolio – Big Restructuring & One BIG BUY!

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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. Right at the same time that Cameron Stewart, CFA analysed Amazon and said it’s a great buy. My 3rd portfolio position and big conviction that they will return to profitability

  2. Thanks Sven, please give to us more in dept analysis videos. You prividing a lot of value content!

  3. Great video Sven! Can you please do a research on innospec. It’s a company that makes chemicals. The pe is around 20 so it’s not cheap , but they have way more cash than debt and assets than liabilities. They have been doing good lately, the business is good (at least I presume) and the market can is little over 2 billion dollars so there is space for growth.

  4. Hi Sven, thank you for the great video as always, when you are selling a position, isn’t it better to sell at the money call for the closest duration to make an extra 1% or 2%? Its virtually the same as selling, but getting some change for it.

    1. I don’t know about that, if there are some sudden changes, you might lose a lot and not get the 1%

  5. In hindsight Lundin gold would have been a better choice than Newmont. Thanks for the content, your insights have helped countless people including myself improve as investors.

    1. should have used GDX from the start, it isn’t about a miner but about Dalio’s strategy!

  6. Hi Sven. Excellent video with insights that make me a better investor. How do you know, or how do you evaluate if a stock is oversold?

    1. you compare the market activity, the news and whether it is just noise or fundamentally…

  7. Thanks Sven. Great analysis. Sad to see Meta sold. Feel like this has a good runway given it’s focus on efficiency.

  8. Thanks for being so open about the restructured portfolio. Looking forward to more videos and updates.

  9. Rubis is a pretty good company. I did get it after your first mention last year and doing my own research – and Its nice, stable, have a gain of 14% and not looking to sell at all. I would buy more when it gets a bit cheaper. And I’m also looking to exit my META with 30% gain, but I would buy that companies stock all the time if it goes down. I avoided ADM because it was too pricey and I was too late to pull the trigger. I am unfortunate loser with Intel with -29% because I rushed in, showing little patience. Ill wait for a year, I think CHIPS act might help, fear over Taiwan too. And I also got slapped on my 3M position, huge legal issues and dividends do not go together.

    Hvala na idejama, znaju, cini mi se kako Vas postupak i nacin ima puno smisla. Samo se moram nauciti/prisiliti strpljenju. Pogotovo su mi drage ove manje poznate tvrtke koje spominjete, shvacam kako iste ne donose poglede kao zvucna imena.

  10. Courage has taught me no matter how bad a crisis gets any sound investment will eventually pay off. Its always long term plan for me, focus on the company not the stock price. Forever grateful to my FA Trisha Jean Webb, Its been a year of steady growth.

    1. Quite impressive, I have been on the wrong side for far too long and I’m willing to make consultations to improve my situation. Can she help me?

    2. I just looked up your FA and found her web page. Trisha Jean Webb is very impressive , left a mail after going through her resume.

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