My $30 Million Asset Management Pitch

Possession management must be customized to the customer, on a worth basis.

My enthusiasm is to search for low danger high reward investment chances. I use my accounting abilities and experience in order to find fascinating investment concepts that provide the possibility to lead me towards my financial goals.
If you are a sophisticated investor trying to find in depth, independent stock analyses and investing concepts, here is my STOCK EXCHANGE RESEARCH PLATFORM (company and sector threat and reward analysis, my portfolios):.


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My $30 Million Pitch

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  1. I like your videos, but never pay performance fees as Terry Smith uses to say. Fair would be to pay the manager by the hour, like a lawyer or doctor, because the work of the money manager does not really change independent if a large or smaller sum is managed. You do not get rich on hourly salaries, but why should you without providing an actual additional real economic value but only extracted ones ? If more money is made then merely based on capital which the client provided and earned (with a real economic contribution usually). Invent a cancer cure or something really beneficial like that and then get rich for that contribution. If you want a share of the profits, do you pay your client then when you make a negative return , thus a negative performance fee ?

    1. Actually I never heard of this but you are right. This is the example he gave: “However, if instead of running Berkshire Hathaway as a company in which he co-invests with you, Buffett had set it up as a hedge fund and charged 2% of the value of the funds as an annual fee plus 20% of any gains, of that $4.3m, $4.0m would belong to him as manager and only $300,000 would belong to you, the investor.”

    2. Smith said performance fees were the problem.

      Also Terry Smith said in the blog: “Performance fees do not work. They extract too much of the return and encourage risky behaviour. The only way to focus your fund manager on performance without gifting him or her most of your returns is to ensure they he or she invests a major portion of their net worth alongside you in the fund and on exactly the same terms.”

    3. High end corporate lawyers always work for a share of litigation value. So if a there fees vary if its a 50mn lawsuit or a 5bn lawsuit.

    4. This is quite the opposite of what should really happen. There should be ONLY performance fee. I.e. a percentage of the gains on the portfolio. That way the manager is judged by how they perform instead of how much AUM they can accumulate.

    1. Do you really believe a word of Sven??? He is story teller. His platform investment is full of risk and average reward.

  2. Thanks, for sharing your thoughts! What do you think about Buffets fee structure for his partnerships, where he charged no management fee and took 25% of profits exceedimg 6% of invested capital?

  3. Sven možeš li pokrit temu screeninga dionice. Npr jel bi mali retail investitor trebao tražit dionice u 52 week low ili high? Je li to uopće bitno…znam da tebi nij jer si profesionalac ali ovako općenito da pokriješ temu

  4. Have u looked at 3 M company think it’s cheap think it’s cyclical maybe might open a position I like Taylor wimpy might open a position too but think will get at lower price

  5. Im a little confused what are you doing. I’m watching your videos for many years, I bought access to research platform but I have feeling that you are more and more seller of some product than educator. Will you restore yt portfolio? Will you continue series which you started and abandoned? You are starting many initiatives and after few weeks skip them and start new. I’m starting to lose thrust in your content.

  6. Flat 10% of the profits is a reach. Should be over a hurdle rate of the risk free rate with a high watermark. 1% up front fee… don’t even need to comment on that one. Not value…

  7. Money manager should be paid like Warren Buffet. A fixed salary and when they want more, they can invest their own capital.

    1. ​@Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. Makes sense, asking for more fees the the most legendary investor there is!

    2. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. No, you pay for a promise, the money manager realistically cannot make. Because future performance is not actually predictable, different than buying a Ferrari rather than a Toyota for example.

  8. 😂 I can’t believe this. The ultimate grifter! Just put your money in a low cost index fund, and go enjoy life! You’ll get better returns and not lose money!

  9. This seems like a bad deal for the client and a very good deal for you. The relationship should be a win win. If I ran a fund, or money for an individual client, I would only charge a fee on the percentage of any profit above the risk free rate or what the S&P 500 had achieved in the trailing twelve months. Otherwise the client would have been better off investing their money themselves into Treasury Bonds or an Index Fund based on the S&P 500.

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