EURO At 20 Year Lows Against USD – Still Diversify Abroad Or Stick To Home?

The has struck a twenty years low against the USD which makes all more expensive for us Europeans however all much cheaper for outsiders.

1:51 From Europe
4:54 Outlook

Europe Looks Ugly
5 With Big Dividends

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At 20 Year Lows Against USD – Still Diversify Abroad Or Stick To Home?

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  1. WARNING: As the channel grows (thank you all for that), there are more and more scammers impersonating me. The only thing I am selling is my Research Platform and Book ​​
    All that I do, the real links to my content are in the description of the video, I don’t give out my Whatsapp number and I don’t sell any Cryptocurrency related things! BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!

  2. Sticking to euro, i sold
    Some us position i bought around 1.10-1.3 conversion rate, so a nice profit only from the currency, plus the profits from the stocks itself happy as an eu investor actually

  3. I recently started buying iprp etf. With a 30% drop, PB of 0.7 and a P/CF of approx 11, a margin of safety starts to appear. With the loans they have, one is short on the euro. Considering the poor demographics and work ethic, I don’t see much new real estate being built. Headwinds are the debt burdens, rising rates and looming recession. Some holdings are sh*t (Wereldhave, Unibail) but also ok ones. Shakeout from e-commerce is now slowing I think. Most malls now have supermarkets, bakers, butcher, fishmunger that have staying power and will remain

    Would appreciate a real estate video from you when you put 5 suggestions in earlier. Allthough I can already guess a lot of what you will say.

  4. It kinda goes both ways though. While yes, as a European myself but mostly investing in the US stock market, I’m getting less value from my initial purchases, but with a weakening euro compared to dollar my portfolio value (in euro) will go up even if the stock price stays the same or even goes down a bit. I’m also getting paid higher dividends in euro even if the amount the company pays out stays the same. So I kinda prefer holding American companies for decades while the euro weakens compared to the dollar, as I’m getting paid more 🙂

    1. @TheBooban no idea and I don’t focus on that. My response was just to Sven’s comment about the negatives of investing abroad from Europe and I’m just pointing out that there are upsides also and from what I can tell, once you own the company/assets, there are only upsides to the euro getting weaker to the dollar and the longer you hold the better. And if it would revert and the euro grows stronger to the dollar, then the negatives will also turn into positives and you get more value for your money but once you own it your returns will suffer instead if the euro keeps growing.

    2. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. likewise Sven, thanks for making great content, keep going! 🙂

    1. but, but, but… there was the exchange mechanism before that :-))

  5. I asked for an exchange vid and got it, thanks!

    When the rate reverses, your cheap investments pays bigger dividends!

  6. Well, that improved my performance in Euro. However, I do not like my account to perform because of a weakening Euro.

  7. I also might be interested in Obruk (Poland) Mo-Bruk SA is a Poland-based company involved in the production of concrete. It is also active in the area of hazardous and other than hazardous industrial waste management. Additionally, the Company operates a waste recovery plant, waste recycling plant, alternative fuel production plant and an industrial waste landfill. The Company produces alternative fuels from municipal and industrial wastes. The Company is also the owner of two open non-stop petrol stations for liquefied fuel, as well as a technical inspection station. Mo-Bruk SA is also engaged in the construction of concrete surfaces. As of December 31, 2011, the Company operated one wholly owned subsidiary, Raf-Ekologia Sp. z o.o……..I believe that they have a 10 percent dividend

    1. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. common for stocks in Poland to have very high div yield

  8. Sven, I’m investing from Croatia, in both Euros and USD. Recently I decided to start dollar cost average US Dividend Aristocrats ETF (long term DCA – 20 year goal).

    Since I have an option to invest in it in either CHF or EUR, do you think it might be a good idea to deversify currencies that someone invests in? 🤔

    1. the currency is irrelevant, depends on the business you invest in!

    2. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. Isn’t it relevant if talking about etf, not individual business ? 🤔

    3. @TheDemia14 If its the same ETF, arbitrageurs will make sure that both prices for the same ETF will be near equal, in their respective currency. So it is irrelevant. What I mean is imagine if the ETF is 10 euros and EURCHF is 1,05. This means the value of the ETF quoted in francs will be 10,50. If euro value stays constant and EURCHF becomes 1,10 then it will be worth 11 francs and vice versa. Actual value of the ETF will not change just because of the currency rates. What you should pay attention is to the currency exposure that the companies in the ETF has, if you wish to diversify for currencies. I imagine for the US dividend ETF, the main exposure will be to USD.

  9. I never comment on any videos on youtube, but I just needed to personally thank you for all the value you provide. You truly seem like you care, and I wish I could have gotten the opportunity to take one of your classes when you were teaching at Uni. Watching your takes regularly on youtube is truly enriching, and I would love to buy you a coffee or support you in some way. Maybe get a patreon or something along those lines? Anyways thank you for all your amazing work, you’re the only youtuber where I would say, wouldn’t it be awesome to have this guy as a friend haha

    1. thanks for the kind words, as for support, just wathcing is great already!

  10. Maybe its time to look into Asia. Singapore maybe. Wilmar Internation is a large Agribusiness there and in Asia.
    I dont like the Palmoil part of it. maybe you can look into them for your youtube stocks. Also ADM is a large shareholder.

  11. damm was lucky to move to switzerland on this aspect, earning in swiss francs and investing for the most part in $, I managed to stay away from the € completely, kind of sad that I don’t see European politicians interested in business and growing the economy….they are more interested in populism….

  12. great video as all the time. I thought previously that you might be living somewhere in the US for your perfect english but it sounds as you are also in EU. Great content every time.

  13. Hi Sven! Looking forward to your Brazil stock market videos. For me they are facing tail wind with the highr commodities prices cycles and the absence of Russia and China at this moment. However the bad political situation is causing volatility . I am looking to the election results, in case Lula a commodity hype surfer wins, the country will fly high again…
    Bolsonaro claims to be liberal but spends more than a socialist, very disappointing….

  14. ”Value, no matter what”. I want that on my coffee mug. Cheers for this and everything else Sven! I hope the family and yourself are happy and healthy.

  15. In terms of currency, it would be awesome to watch a video on countries with alternate currencies but located in Europe. I’m thinking Sweden, Norway, Denmark, GB, etc. Just an idea for a macro video!

  16. I earn and live with an exotic currency so in the long run I will make money even if my developed market stocks don’t go up in their local currency price. I am privileged in a way because usually during market downturns I don’t lose as much money (in my currency of course) as holders in developed countries. When the market bottomed at the start of COVID I only lost like 6%. By the way I just noticed the elephant in the shelf. Are you a republican?

    1. not, is is a gift from South Africa – nothing to do with politics, they actually have elephants there!

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