3 Stocks To Buy From 15 Cheap S&P500 (SO, PYPL, MO, F, KR, DD, CE, HP, WBD, EBAY, WBA, MO, IP, VICI)

I am finishing with the research on inexpensive stocks in the S&P 500. Here are the information with 3 , 5 stocks to bank on and 7 stocks to delegate pension funds.

0:00 Low-cost S&P 500 Stocks
1:16 Southern SO
4:55 Paypal PYPL
9:06 Altria MO.
11:38 Ford F.
12:35 Kroger KR.
14:09 Du Pont DD.
15:15 Celanese CE.
16:65 HPQ.
20:49 WBD.
26:34 EBAY.
27:32 WBA.
28:46 Mosaic MO.
30:16 IP.
31:16 VICI.

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First Cheap S&P 500 Video -.
Buffett Letter.
PYPL at $120.
PYPL at $65.
Old Ford.
Old Kroger.

My 15 Mistakes.

WBD initially purchase -.

3 From 15 Cheap S&P500 (SO, PYPL, MO, F, KR, DD, CE, HP, WBD, EBAY, WBA, MO, IP, VICI)

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  1. plus 500 stock. not sp 500 but LSE. 7 PE 900m cash 1700m market cap no debt does 10% buybacks and 9% dividends per year. looks like a good value stock. earnings are a bit cyclycal

  2. It would be interesting to see a deeper analysis of some Chinese stocks Tencent/BABA/JD/PDD, especially with them trading at such low Price to FCF ratios when compared with similar companies in the S&P500

    1. ​@@CapybaraBEATZthe best market today for risk/reward .. if you invest for the long term of course.. volatility is value investors friend πŸ˜‰

    2. @@Value-Investing
      I think sven will not do video because he is investing in some of this company, especially JD.. just a wonder of mine πŸ˜…

  3. Sven , as you said about MO, in negative trends a mistake can be huge, you see the performance lately, they are doing ok with a huge mistake of Juul! Imagine what kind of company can withstand this kind of mistake and still perform, the fundamentals and MOAT is simply incredible.

  4. I’ll tell you how HP can raise the PER. Announcing an AI printer!
    Thank you for your analysis. Very valuable

  5. thank you!
    VICI seems the most attractive for me; SO, KR, MO – in case of a recession!
    what’s your thought on health stocks? after tech, this is my fav sector! pros: good dividends, lower volatility – cons: their costs for M&A and regulations…
    maybe some time in the near future you’ll make a video on top stocks from this sector, if they are some that worth it for value investors! πŸ˜‰

  6. About Mosaic: You have talked about BHP:s Jansen mine couple of times. Remember that there is also growing demand fundamentally (there is more of us, people in developing world get less poor and eat more). More important for medium term is that large part of potash comes from Russia and Belarus. I would be very surprised if their production doesn’t start to deteriorate. Those countries don’t prioritize capex -spending in the middle of their own current problems and even their ability to make them has considerably worsened.

    I guess Mosaic is more about phosphates but if you follow e. g. Nutrien this is something to keep in mind.

  7. The new Haircut looks good Sven!

    For the past few months i’m only buying VICI, i don’t see any other available option..

    Hope for better opportunities, without really bad times like a recession.

    Keep the content coming, i think we all appreciate it, especially in such crazy greedy times.

    1. VICI is great REIT, BNL and ADC are good as well from the same sector. BTI is better alternative to MO.

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