ADM Q2 2022 Earnings Update – No Clouds In The Sky!!!!

ADM provided excellent profits and guided for excellent times to stick with high margins, high cash flows, 8% dividend development and $1 billion buyback in the second half of the year.

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ADM Q2 2022 Earnings Update – No Clouds In The Sky!!!!

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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. I remember your ADM video of 2021 somewhere being the reason I started making an actual Excel sheet with target prices.
    I’m still very much a beginner, but then I was no more than 2 months away from the whole “to the moon” investing youtube space, so I didn’t really know how to price it, so I priced it in lower due to my perceived inexperience. “How much can a food company really skyrocket, right??”
    I’m still laughing at my buying price of $38, but no-one could have predicted the last year.

  2. I will keep DCA every single month no matter waht into undervalued stock from good companies or ETFs.

    Menawhile I keep enjoying my green portfolio appreciating and beating the S&P500 almost daily since the beginning of the year and collecting the dividends.

    Since 2021: +45% ABBV, +50% AFL, +78% ADM, +47% BRK, CAH +53%, ED +77%, HPQ + 41%, PEP +45%, PFE +58%. All of these are overvalued now, so I am holding and collect dividends.

    I will most likely buy this month HVT and I am researching RHI and MLI.

    If Idon’t find any value, my money goes to my All-World ETF that pays me dividends every quarter.

    I hope the market goes down so I can buy more stuff 🙂

  3. Hi Sven, is there a space to check/analyze PARA stock from your side ? Also Warren added more again in Q2 . Based on Earnings it is growing business. Subscribers going higher /64M Globally / and Para 4.9 M and also Revenue grew 120%. It should be good one together with WBD to cover this area. Thank you

  4. Hi Sven, could you comment and elaborate on what people is saying you sold all your positions? Your thesis on BABA was clear when many times you said that if it drops you buy more and even borrow to buy more.
    I am afraid if you are an youtuber or an investor or even far from value investor

    1. I explained everything on the platform, can make an educational video, but in September then likely. But it short, it is just the next step on the platform, nothing changed in the previous portfolios, so it is just some people that don’t get how change is for the better….

  5. Hi Sven. Is it possible to access the list of the stocks you showed in the video that you have on Interactive Brokers?

    1. will do a full Youtube portfolio update end of the month, but keep in mind this is a demo account, fake money, just for educational purposesl

  6. ADM is up because world food is up it’s a good company but when things get back to normal who knows . What people want to hear is how you rug pulled your subscribers and dumped all your stock that you said were buy and hold forever. Now I see you have a “YouTube list” of stock that you are recommending. Lots of us won’t “shut up “ until you come clean .

    1. @NipponTAB exactly the answer I was looking for from Sven . As advice to others follow Sven on YouTube for free but don’t pay him for 400usd a year for special advice and then he does the exact opposite to what he’s advised you to do . Tell us all over the year Sven how many times you said to us subscribers that baba was a 3x or flow was a insurance against the market going down . As nippon says do your own work follow guys with some credibility . All of us make mistakes it’s how we own them that separates us

    2. @Rick Stainton Alibaba is an incredible company and I do own a big position on it. I always had huge convictions about it for years, same as Sven does. The thing is that the current actually makes it risky, so the choice of Sven is rational as a value investor. He is looking for good companies without excessive risks. With the current situation, he is estimating that the risk reward changed and is now negative and so he sold his position. Nothing wrong about it. Complain to Xi not to Sven about this change haha
      Only dumb people never change their minds and only fools think that they can see the future crystal clear.

    3. @Rick Stainton I had (and still do haha) a position in Norilsk nickel. I suffer of it as well, but to be honest, my biggest bother is to not receive the dividends. Every war end soon or later and ennemies end up as friends years after. My position wasn’t a major one in my portfolio though, I hope that yours wasn’t too big as well.

  7. Something not stocks related: what are the recommended places for a 2-3 day Holiday around Slovenia, north-east-Italy? (anything that you liked)

  8. I don‘t see the attractiveness.

    Assuming a long-term PE of 15. What does it take for ADM to go up 50 % or go down 50 % in Value:

    50 % rise to $96 bn market cap will need average net income of $6.4 bn

    50 % fall to $24 bn market cap will need average net income of $1.6 bn

    … average net income in the last 10 years was around $1.6 bn … is that a safe place for your wealth ?

    But nonetheless I appreciate you putting out here content and your analysis even if people like me might complain here and there – keep doing your thing 🙂

  9. Aww man if I had bought ADM earlier or when apple was at 130$….oh well hindsight 20/20 🫤. But they can always drop more like market goes down more.

  10. Morningstar has a “key statistics” feature now, which contains pretty much all the same information as the old “key ratios”.

  11. I told you to buy ADM, been holding ADM and accumulating it for past 4 years! Don’t doubt a dividend aristocrat as cheap as ADM.

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