ADM Stock Is A Better Buy Now

is a better buy now after the crash. The accounting concerns should not be a long-term concern.

0:00 crash
0:28 ADM news
2:18 ADM business
4:50 Financials
7:34 ADM stock evaluation
8:16 Danger and reward

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ADM Stock Is A Better Buy Now

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  1. Archer Daniels Midland (NYSE:ADM) is likely to complete an investigation into accounting practices in its nutrition segment before the end of next month, when the company is expected to file its 10-K. News of the accounting probe caused at least five Wall Street firms to downgrade ADM, include Barclays which double downgraded ADM to underweight from overweight.

    1. @@crohmer I think it’s a good buy. I’ve just bought some to get a feel of it and buy more if it gets better.

  2. I bout a bunch at $70. I reached out to my financial advisor about what I should do next since there will have to be a lawsuit. As usual the retail investor is the last to know about a fraud. Seems that the price was dropping in the lead-up to the SEC investigation likely due to insider info.

    1. That’s why I just invest in ETFs since last year. The retail investor is always the one getting screwed.

    2. @@hansschotterradler3772 fortunately, this stock is less than 1% of my total portfolio but it still sucks. With enough diversification, I think it should be ok. Seems like the amount of fraud on wallstreet is increasing. I’ve have a few stocks do this to me. They say do your research, but that actually makes you more susceptible to fraud in this way.

  3. Hey Sven, Thnanks for the video.
    Also, I just finished going over your old videos with Dr. Per Jenster and Peter Barklin, it was very insightful and I love the guts those two have in their conviction of not knowing everyhting but trusting themselves. Very well done.

  4. Thank you for the ADM analysis. I appreciate that your future assumptions are reasonable. I always value with a margin of safety so that upside can be a pleasant surprise. Very large moat here. Valuable stuff here Sven!

  5. Hi Sven, if you are expecting food prices to lower in the short term, shouldn’t affect this Amsterdam Commodities’ earnings and therefore share price as well?

  6. “Hungry, Naked, and Sober”….. I don’t know if I can face a future like that! hahahahah… Awesome content – amazing humor! Dr. Sven, you are a rock star!!

  7. Bought yeaterday a starting position….let’s hope for a crash of the SP 500! (So it becomes SP50 😂)

  8. Crazy fact that people dont know: it’s the supplier of the giants like Pepsico, Mondelez and General Mills

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