Nvidia Stocks is Crazy

NVIDIA stocks is crazy …

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Nvidia Stocks is Crazy

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  1. If you buy Nvidia today, you won’t get back everything you paid for it in dividends before 2176

  2. its overvalued cuz of the ai such as midjourny and others have started buying comouter power. They opened up their computer power and started selling that direct to companies and will probably start to see some of those gains in profits this year.
    probably not a buy tho.

  3. Agreed πŸ‘. You never know, but I don’t think they will ever have brand strength to help bail them out like Tesla or Apple.

  4. Interesting, cause I usually assume the market is efficient. Call me crazy but isnt NVDA trying to grow the same way that TSLA is trying to grow, so shouldnt it be evaluated in a similar way, ie TLSA has been overvalued for years but people still be buying the stock.

    1. Markets are reasonably efficient on a 10 year timescale, and generally extremely efficient on a 25 year timescale. Over shorter timescales however, such as within a year or two, it can be outlandishly inefficient.

  5. Exactly what I think too main reason I haven’t bought into it yet and I’m also not keen on shorting yet. (I’m a noob trader) πŸ˜…

  6. With the AI narrative (which is likely to be sticky for the next couple of years), NVIDA is poised to benefit from this. They are one of the top, if not the top, contender for providing AI development solutions — software and hardware. With this in mind, is there something we’re not accounting for in terms of their valuation?

    1. that is the growth investing strategy – in history, value has outperformed growth at 6% per year…

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