My TOP INVESTMENTS For The Rest Of 2023 (Canada)

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Today we'll cover TSM (Taiwan Semiconductor Stock) & VDY (Vanguard Canadian High Dividend ETF).


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My TOP INVESTMENTS For The Rest Of 2023 (Canada)

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  1. Hi Brandon,
    Thanks for your video! I’m currently looking for a portfolio tracker spreadsheet (Preference free :)), any recommendations? 

  2. TSMC is a great company but as the market runs on emotions and not charts and the rhetoric with Taiwan and China isn’t likely to subside I feel like it’s uninvestable

  3. The tsx is not lagging the s and p per say. This is because our market has mostly energy and financials and those sectors in the USA have also gotten beaten up. If you take out the top 7 stocks in the s and p the tsx has similar returns. Yet the energy and financials have gotten beaten up even more in the USA. Perhaps would be wiser to buy a USA financials and a USA energy etf instead as they have more up side right now imo. Could mix in some vdy in a non registered account since it’s more tax advantageous but beware the Canadian banks because of all these long amortization issues they have right now. Just heard Laurentian is going for sale if we start getting banking issues it will be a huge risk having all those mortgages on their books

  4. Good Picks Brandon.
    TSM is a great stock since it is a major player in chip manufacturing. My concern is the latest China agresson towards Taiwan that can directly affect stock price… or worse.

  5. Great video Brandon, I also own Taiwan semi in my RRSP. As for the other pick, I prefer XEI over VDY, better yield, diversification and about 20% less energy and financials. Energy and financial make up 80% of VDY.

  6. I’m getting VDY each time it’s around $40, and I feel like it might continue to underperform for the rest of the year so I’m adding more. The monthly distributions are a nice plus for the snowball effect.

  7. VDY for me, very safe + dividends 🙂 You will LOVE Kesté! Hidden gem, hats off to whomever recommended it .

  8. for the next few months my dividends are going to my bank account for a ‘big project’…otherwise I’d certainly consider VDY! I have some TSM in a ETF…forget which one right now…

  9. Great Pick, referring to VDY 👍 Any great addition or core position for any portfolio 👍I made a detailed video awhile ago on my channel detailing the holdings of VDY as well!

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