Big 6 Banks Reporting Mixed Results | BMO Underperforms

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On this episode today we'll take the very first look at the profits for the Huge 6 Canadian Banks. Bank of Montreal, Scotiabank, Royal Bank and National Bank have actually already reported revenues, with combined outcomes. We're still awaiting TD Bank and CIBC tomorrow.

Also on today's episode:

Apple is cancelling it's Electric Vehicle Program
Wendy's Explores Surge Prices
Group RRSPs are Replacing Pension Plans in Canada


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Big 6 Banks Reporting Mixed Results | BMO Underperforms

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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. Thanks. With the latest Worldly events. I’m
    Back to work tomorrow for a week. But will check in. Banks
    Will have a draw back. In future will still
    Be a go for me

    1. @@RyH10 *No this is GrandPa DOS , my first car only had DOS c:run.exe and no windows, was hard to drive with a small harddrive*

  2. Thanks for a great new video! It’s much appreciated, although the editor seems to have cut you off a little too soon there. You’re in the middle of saying “investment” when the video ends.

    I don’t know anything about autonomous driving (that’s a massive subject all on it’s own), but my guess is that Apple canceled their EV for the same reason that companies like GM are cutting back on electric vehicle production: everyone is waiting for the impact of a tidal wave of EVs coming out of China. They’re pumping out electric cars by the shipload over there, and before long Chinese models will be everywhere that doesn’t specifically ban them. They’re getting so cheap, even some tariffs aren’t going to be enough to discourage consumers. And the Chinese firms access to critical elements like lithium has a ripple effect on prices throughout the entire industry.

    As for Wendy’s, they’ve already retracted that decision and said they have no plans to do surge pricing. It seems the backlash on social media was far greater than they were expecting. Frankly, I think the price elasticity of fast food is way higher than they wanted to believe. People don’t value convenience so much they’re willing to pay extra for a burger on top of already inflated prices. The prices are already so high they’re crippling demand. Any fast food chain that does surge pricing is giving a massive advantage to all the chains that don’t do it. Why go to Wendy’s when you can just drive a little further to McDonalds and pay less? It only works if every fast food chain is doing it.

  3. Does not surprise me that BMO under performed! Their customer service is horrible! Most of their front line staff are not trained properly in financial matters or customer service!

  4. Good recap video. I like tuning in to see what is new in the investing world. I noticed that your video was cutoff a little early. The ending is rather abrupt

  5. I don’t usually have much sympathy for banks when their earnings are down… except I own BMO, sooooooo……😉

  6. Dynamic pricing… The wonders if AI… I’m going to dynamically go elsewhere. “ benefits for consumers”… go for a burger at 3am?

  7. EQB must not have done well, its down over 8% this morning after earnings. Surprising, I thought it was going to report fairly well.

  8. Again here….
    Can someone please explain how ~450,000 Canadian Mortgages representing ~20% of Canadian Big Bank Mortgage Portfolios that are currently on fixed payment “accommodations” that were sanctioned by OSFI(Regulator) to prevent outright Defaults…. most of these accommodations currently NOT even covering the Loan “interest” and in fact INCREASING their Mortgage Loan Balances “Negatively Amortizing” until their renewal date….
    most of which have little/no chance of meeting renewal requirements nor the Lump Sums required to be brought back within current Amortizations….
    HOW ARE THESE NOT A 20% DEFAULT RATE NOT BEING REFLECTED IN CANADIAN BANK EARNINGS ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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