Has the Stock Market Bottomed? December 2022 Update | SEVEN signals to a market crash recovery.

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The stock exchange are still dropping in 2022, however have we reached a bottom? Here are 7 updated signals you can utilize to help you find the when the markets are all set to recuperate.


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Has the Bottomed? December 2022 Update | SEVEN signals to a recovery.

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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. Thanks, Marc. Great, and insightful, as always. Things are gyrating to the point I think we’re in a generally sideways stock market for the foreseeable future. Therefore, I’ve opted to fully invest for the time being with an emphasis on good dividend payers while I ride things out. That being said, I hail from the Lone Ranger and Tonto school of investing, so when Kemo sabe tells me to watch the bad guys and shoot them if they make any false moves, that’s what I do with my stocks; liquidate if they make any false moves 😉

    1. Hey HO Lone Ranger enthusiast! Really enjoyed your comment….clever! Yes, I also have been nibbling away and patient in buying. If the indicators I use show a good time to buy, because it is in that area of value, then I buy. I am a buy and hold sort of gal, adding when prices hit the lows again. That way I can keep increasing the income pool. I am waiting for more pull backs on some of my favourites. Coincidentally, I would appreciate a short period recession to load up more on bargains. Ah! The joy of investing! Rather enjoy the pullbacks and dips!💯😀

    1. Alexandre, Marc was asked this question before, probably a few times. He made a good point in that he is in retirement mode and supporting Brandon’s channel keeps him busy enough and allows him to enjoy a well deserved time off in retirement. I agree. With his additions from time to time to Brandon’s channel it feels like the total presentations and material covered by both together is Enough. Nice to show your support to Marc though. Marc certainly has a talent that we are very fortunate to be on the receiving end of, and to share it by spreading it to our own community of friends. Cheers from a subscriber, East Canada👍🇨🇦

  2. As always Marc you provide a sober observation. I think (personally) that if we are not already in a ‘recession’ we are almost certainly close. I know people fear recessions,but inevitably,when one arrives it also provides opportunity for folks to get into blue chip companies That might be out of range during a bull market! 2023 will provide some opportunities. For example if someone said to a 25 yr old right now,‘don’t buy RBC…I’d say you’re crazy not to. Some companies are just so solid that you almost can’t afford NOT to buy them when the market tanks. That’s especially true for young investors I’d say. It might not be sexy,but 30 years from now you’ll be giggling when you see how much wealth you made. That’s just my opinion of course.

  3. Thank you for continuing this series Marc 🙂. I am in agreement, I do not think we have seen the bottom yet and if we do get a half decent Santa Rally, it may lull a few people into thinking we are good when we really have more pain before a real recovery.

  4. What online portfolio trackers do people recommend? I tried doing spreadsheets but I want something more automatic. I have seen global predictions or personal capital.

  5. Just wondering about the rate hikes. I thought that is what is affecting the markets right now and some of those indicators you are using are going the right way for the feds to slow down the hikes. What are your thoughts on that?

    1. If I understand your comment, I agree. It’s cyclical right? Action A causes action B, then, C, and so forth. At some point, a reversal occurs and then it all starts over. 2022 rate hikes have been a big part of the equation. Thanks for watching. – Marc

    2. @Brandon Beavis Investing Good point, reminder that markets are cyclical with their own “seasons.”✔👍

  6. You my friend are becoming slowly but surely, the reference. But keep on staying humble. That’s the strength of your videos. Well done!

  7. Wonderful and super helpful as always. Glad to see top quality content coming from an experienced person. Hats off!

  8. Yes, Marc, your presentations on Market indicators are so well done. Keeping it real and no “fluffy data.” A series on this topic is very welcomed. Thank you Marc….the selling off period of losers around this time of year means market indicator discussion is appreciated. 📉🇨🇦

  9. So curious on your guys’ thoughts on AQN Algonquin, I’m pretty sure you guys recommended them many times before but my position there has dropped significantly and when I look at their debt, its very concerning….

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