China is UNINVESTABLE!!! Period!!! … or …?

China is thought about uninvestable now and the stock rates reflect it.

0:00 China Belief
3:43 Financiers
6:42 Stocks
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China is UNINVESTABLE!!! Period!!! … or …?

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  1. im a simple person, since I can’t read chinese company filings and statements, I dont invest. Sven thanks you for the video.

    1. Most large companies also have ADR’s in American stock exchanges and have their reports in English. Even of their investor relations websites, they provide the 10-k filings and reports in English…..

    2. @@bernfar82 I know but when you invest in a Chinese ETF, you invest in companeis headquarterd in China that don’t comply with U.S laws and regulations. So im not confidend enough to invest. if you are, i wish you all luck in the world!

    3. @@bernfar82 The problem is that you’re investing in a communist country, and not like Western communist standards, but ACTUALLY communist. Like, the communist government can seize or manipulate whatever they want at any time with no reasoning. Technically, when you “own” shares of a CCP ran-business, you don’t “own” anything. Even a Chinese citizen doesn’t own it, let alone an American, who every other year America and Chinese ban different aspects of each other from each others countries. This is the biggest risk with Chinese stocks imo.

    4. @@jsedge2473 I agree, I have BABA and Tencent, but I am worried about geopolitical actions, for example, China will attack Taiwan and it will be a similar situation to Russia due to sanctions un-tradable.

  2. around 30-35%% of my portfolio is also in Chinese companies.. keep buying at these prices.

    great video and thank you!

  3. One (of many) issues with investing in Chinese companies is, that your risk of a wipe out is substantial. The communist government may remember that it is communist and just nationalize your entire portfolio. This has happened multiple times in other countries the last 150 years. The risk of something similar happening in the US is just so much smaller. And remember: you don’t recover from a wipe out.

    1. ​@@pentrubarbatiyes because china banned google and Facebook and more long ago. Do you really expect tiktok then should be allowed in us?

  4. In my opinion China now is similar to russia a few years ago. Most stocks looked pretty cheap. But as we see now, completely all investments were lost in one day. Something similar could happen in China.

  5. The problem with China is not the businesses or the valuation. The problem is that it’s always a gamble because of unpredictable CCP policies.

    1. I think the more reliant the Chinese government is on Chinese business, the more stable the Chinese market becomes. The fat Chinese government leaders will not want to return to pre-capitalist China.

  6. I think the US market in general is uninvestable at current valuations.
    I hold small positions in BABA, TCEHY and NIO. the market fears China at this moment; wait 5 years and the tide is likely to turn for the better.

  7. Aligned with Sven view. There are always opportunities if you do the proper research! We are for the long run

  8. “Owning businesses is what matters”. In this case you literally own a contractual abbligation with some paper companies in the cayman islands…

  9. When there’s a lot of talk about a sector or market being uninvestable, that’s when you buy

  10. Hey Sven, for the amelioration of pronunciation, the word “trough”, as in “peak-to-trough”, is pronounced ‘troff’. Peak-to-troff. Love your videos man, thank you. Seriously.

  11. The question is: which company in China has earnings based on its own real performance and not due obscure subsidies that are not visible it their statements

  12. About a month ago I set up positions in FXI, EWH and BABA. The Valuation is there, the Businesses are there and the dictator seems to have understood his heavy hand is hurting his economic processes and is giving signals of a change. Volume and Flux are also there, which seem to signal a bottom being constructed.

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