Economics Do Matter For Investing

When do economics and other macro concerns matter for investing. We live in a world of controlled rate of interest, increasing debt levels, possibly greater inflation and unfortunately slower GDP development than anticipated. This will all have an effect on long-lasting investing trends.

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0:00 Economics & Returns.
3:21 Financial Outlook.
12:18 Investing Ahead.

Economics Do Matter For Investing

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  1. for that is the purpose of war Sven when you break something you have to build it again. sad but true.

  2. Interest Rates & Geopolitics used to be “economics”. Now its a part of fundamental analysis. Thanks the video Sven.

    1. Ray Dalio who is economist and Billionaire
      There aren’t many but, undermining there contribution is ill and foolish, I dare you start business or invest in a company without help of economics, Banking and accounting and Law, oops 😬 impossible

    2. @@venkatgoud8394 Economics is the study of choice with limited resources. It has nothing to do with evaluating businesses and valuation or timing the markets.

  3. As Einstein once said “the market is not the economy, and the economy is not the market”. Let that sink in.

  4. And you used nominal figures for the GDPs of European countries. If you deflate those numbers by the CPI, they are MUCH worse. 

    The same situation is happening in Brazil. Stagnant economy for 10 yrs. Steadily increasing taxes to cover government deficits. Real GDP surpassing potential GDP (and the inflationary pressure that comes from it). And governmental debt steadily increasing.

  5. Fun fact: the vid last exactly the 13 min Peter Lynch has stated 😂

    Personally, I don’t see much correlation between GDP growth and the business / stock market.
    Look at the US. Low GDP exceptional stock market for 10+ years…
    It boils down mainly to interest rate (expectations).
    The rest is a stable, rule based market environment where businesses can operate…

  6. I try and dip my toes into some macro a bit! I agree alot with you, GDP growth is important for sure, and one large influence affecting GDP growth is actually the government, and if they introduce austerity measures. Which Europe has been more in favor, stifling companies by limiting their growth and so-called monopolies. You need a government willing to let credit grow (borrowing and lending). Any countries have tailwinds, Japan?

  7. American markets are like addicted people. It’s been leaving on stimulus. By the time you cut, the craving comes. In election year, I believe it won’t happen this year, but it will happen

  8. Thank you for keeping it real with us. We’re all getting hit over the head with these prices, the good thing is being in a position to pay these prices. I feel really bad for those who are not in the position to pay for their basic needs. God bless Donald Onida imagine inviting $2,000 and getting $10,760 in 5days

    1. Onida’s assistance was instrumental in my journey, Starting with my remaining resources, it proved to be an excellent decision.

    2. Investing in cryptocurrency is one of the lucrative investments but many are still ignorant of it due to lack of experience.

    3. I’m glad seeing the comment section, Onida is a real Trading genius. with her beginners strategy I transform my life and that of my family financial situation for good

    4. This is the forth time am coming across Onida can anyone be kind enough to share any means of reaching out to her..?

  9. Islways invested with the mindset to buy shares in companies for 25years and paid little attention to economics, and I got very wealthy doing that, however i reduced my holdings from 2007 to 2009 and from early 2020 to 2022….. that helped too, and I avoided weak economies… guess Sven is right

  10. I’m not entirely convinced that your statement about Italian tourists is completely accurate. Prices in Croatia have been increasing, and the country is not as affordable as it once was, especially during the tourist season. Nowadays, you can probably find comparable prices for similar services in Italy.

  11. Please update your data relating to Italy.. At the moment Italy is one of the best economics in Europe

  12. 🗽 Investing for the next 10 years in stocks probably is with a strong head wind… value investing and some diversification gets even more important!

  13. Sven when you will cover India? From a fundamental prospective it might overcome soon both china and united states in terms of GDP and population growth

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