Warren Buffett – Swing You Bum! 1985 Interview

In his 1984 interview, Warren Buffett laid out a clear framework for his investing success. Here is the full interview:

I really liked this part as it is linked to my thinking over the last months. There is financial investment activity that is entertaining for YouTube purposes and there is genuine uninteresting investing – you can't get subscribers or consumers if you don't have always something 2 buy, two years of doing nothing is not a great sales pitch. Terrific short to consider such things!

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Warren Buffett – Swing You Bum! 1985 Interview

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  1. What do you think of this stock msm: (SSPW)

    Sector: Utilities
    Country: Oman
    Oman currency packed to USD
    90% of the revenue comes from long term government contract
    Government estimates growth about 6%-11% (from the annual report)

    Market cap: 171$m
    P/e =3.5
    PB= 0.5
    82% debt to equity

    11% dividend at today price

    The company is focusing in lowering the debt (80% of FCF )

    I think people are pessimism about the country but I donโ€™t think that will effect the cash flow of this company at the end itโ€™s utility

    So what do you think ? What I am missing?

    1. Hamad I will not tell you anything about this stock and Oman in general, but I am Polish investor and trust me, we have so many interesting companies on their way to conquer another markets with crazy low valuations! Why? It’s unknown market and foreign investors are scared about war in the Ukraine (which will not hit Poland, we are a NATO member after all). I invest in USA, UK, Swiss, Slovenian and Polish markets, and trust me. Poland has most gems out of them all (in terms of prospects and valuations, prospects alone probably USA leads). It might be similar with Oman. But try to be realistic with your assumptions and probably don’t invest all in your country. Navigate to avoid home bias, but also use knowledge of the local market as an edge!

    2. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D.

      Can you plz tell me what should I look for before investing in a country, how to do my due diligence on the country (what should I look for)

    1. he is a business shark, likely not nice when doing business, but looks like your grandpa when talking around :-)))

  2. I love these old interviews of him, sharp as a tack. Still today, Warren passes along so much knowledge. Thanks Sven!

    1. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. I like them too! You watch this video before selling Berkshire Hathaway to buy Alibaba? ๐Ÿ˜„

  3. Warren Buffett helped me understand that there are 3 types of people – those who can count and those who cannot.

  4. Wait, that’s when you’re up at bat. What do you call the ones that just sold it all? Is that a strike out? What if they have a very bad batting average? You see, Babe Ruth had a whole lot of strikeouts, but also a whole lot of home runs! He was, and I think still is, the best baseball player of all time! What do you say to that Sven?

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