Burry Short vs. Buffett LOOOONG Apple!!!

Burry is short while Buffett is as long as you can be something !! Who is right?

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Burry Short vs. Buffett LOOOONG Apple!!!

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  1. WARNING: As the channel grows (thank you all for that), there are more and more scammers impersonating me. The only thing I am selling is my Research Platform and Book ​​https://sven-carlin-research-platform.teachable.com/p/stock-market-research-platform
    All that I do, the real links to my content are in the description of the video, I don’t give out my Whatsapp number and I don’t sell any Cryptocurrency related things! BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!

  2. They can both win there are alot of investing strategies so it depends on your analogy of the decision and whether it is correctly applied so you know what you are doing and why

    1. Absolutely, reminds me of that saying about a society growing great when old men plant trees they know they will never sit under the shade of

    2. He could try to spend it all and still wouldn’t be able, might aswell not destroy the legacy now, and if you live your whole life doing one thing it is unlikely for you to go oposite way

    3. @Andrew Mackay that’s an awesome saying.
      He realizes his company and the world is bigger than he is. A man can come and go, but the world will tick on. He wants the biggest stock pile to donate when he dies.

    4. Funny thing too is he still might live for another 9 years. That will be a longer hold than many of today’s self proclaimed “longs” will even last

  3. Before watching the video: I would say they could both win. Burry is shorting based on the idea of a short term overvaluation of stocks like Apple. Whereas Buffet will win in the long term, he’s starting to buy now because he sees an amazing business as a fair price and he will just continue adding if Apple keeps falling. Although they could both win, I would say Burry’s strategy is far more risky as it partially relies on the short term market sentiment, which seems almost impossible to predict.

    1. Exactly. Monetizing the current slowdown makes one a winner in the short term although in the long term another one is gaining in a stable manner.

  4. Beside all the winds, there is is a question of development of Apple`s business model. If they succeed in moving more into services, cars and entertainment, Apple will prove their top position.

  5. Buffett longed apple from 50/60dollars, 48% of Berkshire stock portfolio, at this point hilariously 600M is nothing but a account balancing blip considering the size of Berkshire aapl holding.

    Burry never mentioned when he shorted aapl but likely in the 160,170 range, so you can say true valuable of aapl stock is somewhere between 50-170 dollars, and both men could be absolutely correct

  6. Buffet has lived through multiple depressions/recessions in a time of no technology.
    Burry has a better knowledge of today’s market.
    I would go with Burry on a %. In addition, he uses multiple strategies to investing.

  7. I agree, both are right – size is a factor but also time. Burry has a shorter time horizon usually, especially for short positions. If you look at his 13F there are always lots of changes. So Burry is right short term, Buffett is right long term. They’re playing a different game basically

  8. I think they both win. The short-term pressure will allow Burry to liquidate at a hefty profit in the next half a year or so. Whereas, there’s no reason the be bearish on Apple the company, just Apple the stock, and Apple’s prospects in a recession, when their products are more expensive, premium goods. Warren won’t sell for at least half a decade, but likely a decade+ so he’ll make a lot.

  9. Hi Sven,

    What you think of Prosus selling Tencent shares (despite them saying they wouldn’t sell again for three years)? Kind of makes sense to sell tencent shares at market price and buying back own shares under NAV.

    However they seem to change strategies every two months and backpedal on previous pledges etc. Also seems like there is risk of them putting the tencent money in the less profitable parts of their business (food delivery ..) and thus destroying shareholder value. Why even bother with Prosus/Naspers when Tencent is relatively fairly valued itself atm.?

    Thank you!

  10. I think on the short term Burry will win but on the long term Buffet will be the winner. Also Buffet bought Apple a long time ago and buying more shares now probably don’t change much of his avg.

  11. Another fantastic video Sven. Another reason they’re on opposite sides of the trade: time frame. The better burry gets at investing, it seems like his holding period gets shorter and shorter. And we all know Buffett has the longest time frame out of all the greats.

  12. I would love your take on e.on. I have a friends who works in this company and he is looking to buy more shares soon. They have a good dividend plus a lot of cash. According to him the company is diversified enough and that it doesnt rely too much on gas transportation.

  13. Once I learned about this, I thought to myself – now that’s a real clash of titans. Bot not really. As both will end up being winners. Burry won’t be shorting Apple forever and Buffet will not be in minus for too long either.
    There are much more vulnerable stocks on the market than Apple but Burry loves a challenge – that’s how he built a name for himself. And now we all talking about it.

  14. Very nice video, I wanted to short AAPL when it was at160$ price per share, but at the end a friend of me kinda scared me about that operation and I didn’t short Apple anymore I regret it, off course I have closed my long position based on that esuberance. Now I think is not overpriced I got 100 shares at 139 $ but for trading purpose only with call/put option sell strategy, I think it’s a great stock to trade with not so much risk a great company with so many great and innovative products, if you buy it at a reasonable price it’s great, I can exploit when there is too much esuberance and when is oversold.

    1. thanks for sharing – keep in mind Burry is shorting via likely cheap options, not really short in an open short position

    2. ​@Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. thanks for your feedback, I definitelly think he know what he’s doing, shortyng by buying puts it’s ok, you can just lose the premium if a such good company like Apple does some unexpected magic you can’t never know, a big upside gap could ruin your portfolio if you hold an open short position, even stop loss won’t help you in this scenario.
      I will join to your platform very soon with a possible recession the value investing is the best we can do as investors, I have found you work remarkable, I am going to close some trading operations soon and rebalance the portfolio, I can’t wait to analyze your best risk/rewards business.

  15. Interesting stuff Sven, wouldn’t be surprised if Buffet stopped buying Apple now because of interest rate hike and likely more hiking soon, so a downward re rating of all Tek companies from maximum optimism a few months ago, time will tell πŸ‘, l think buffet wins the long game with Apple though

  16. That is what I wanted to say: they both could be right. This is why copying someone without knowing his reason or strategy is not always a good idea.

  17. Enjoyed the video! Very entertaining, very creative! Buffet is my favourite. I bet he’d knock out Burry with a well-timed right hook. πŸ˜‰ Seriously: respect also for Burry, but personally, shorting is not something I do or consider myself qualified to do. I am a newbie investor, but very much attracted to Buffet’s style and learning a lot from your videos. Thanks, Sven!

  18. I’ve been holding Cigna since it was ~$200. It’s a great company and the stock is fairly prices to expect 10%-14% long term returns. Not bad given it’s insensitivity to interest rates and robust brand name.

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