Inflation Is Last Year, Now You Have Investing With Rising REAL Rates

might be passé, so one ought to consider rising real rates when it pertains to . financial investments are likely too late.

0:00 Inflation
1:15 Current Scenario
6:13 Historical Contrast
7:43 Financial Investment Cars for Current Environment
16:11 Long-Term Worth Viewpoint

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Inflation Is Last Year, Now You Have Investing With Rising REAL Rates

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  1. WARNING: As the channel grows (thank you all for that), there are more and more scammers impersonating me. The only thing I am selling is my Research Platform and Book ​​
    All that I do, the real links to my content are in the description of the video, I don’t give out my Whatsapp number and I don’t sell any Cryptocurrency related things! BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!

    1. Thank Sven for your wider range of topics related to Value investing

      Also, As you also mentioned in your earlier videos, Mid Caps and small caps rations are more cheap or valuable currently.
      Can your review this : INMD
      a) Cash from Operations increasing
      b) Raised guidance for the rest of year 2022.
      c) Gross and Operating margins are good.
      d) A bit of dilution in the past but now buying back share.
      e) topline and bottom both increasing.

  2. Have you ever noticed that bonds rise significantly in the bear market, although not right away, around the floor of the stocks when they are relatively the same level? Its a strange phenomina.

    Have you noticed that when the rate goes up, business will eventually be forced to take out money regardless of the rate? It might be starting to happen now.

  3. Hi Sven,
    I know you are not interested in banks. But in this scenario shouldn’t banks and insurance companies do fairly well?

    1. really don’t know, as said, not interested! give them a recession and you’ll see how those work!

    2. See today’s news from Spain and a special tax to Banks because they are going to do well because of increased interest rates. Regulation risk is real

  4. I think you can be a billionaire with this mindset. As buffet said “you don’t have to be smart to invest”. And I have a filling that with this much inflation we can all become billionaire after a life time 🤣

  5. my son is 18. i told him nothing would be better than a “lost decade” in the stock market for him. paying 50 cent on the dollar for 10 years of investing at his age, then letting it compound for 30/40 years is the dream!

    1. You’re son is lucky he has someone guide and show him. I got into investing at 21 from some books a friend lended me. But I was so mad I missed out on 3 years of potential investing lol.

  6. Sven could you review Panasonic stock as the diversification position in the portfolio? It trades at 30% below the estimate of its fair value (P/E ratio equals 10), earnings are forecast to grow 6% per year and it pays 3% of the dividend. The only problem that I see is the low net operating margin.

    1. When was the last time they cut the dividend? And why buy a stock like that when a recession is predicted?

  7. Your editor is a true value investment. You are giving us good content daily! And I asume your YouTube revenue is growing, that is what creating value means!

  8. Perhaps its too late to be investing for rising real rates too. They have already risen, the market ancitipates another big rise after today’s CPI numbers, but if they raise another 100 points, they are likely close to those 3-3.5 limits of how much they can raise. Not even talking about Europe, we are in mid July barely, and we are already thinking of rationing energy in some countries, just in as I am typing this, Hungary declared energy emergency. (HUNGARY PM AIDE GULYAS: GOVT ORDERS EXPORT BAN ON ENERGY AND FIREWOOD, TO BOOST COAL MINING)

    1. ok, Hungary is not a relevant country, Orban is declaring emergencies to stay with unlimited power, so those are just moves of the last central European dictator:-)

    2. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. Yeah, Hungary supposed to be the smart country according to useful idiots , still having some emergency. Germany, Austria soon to follow suit though

  9. Hey Sven, I’ve been trying to find something out. Namely: What happens with the money that the Fed receives from unloading assets on the market? Is that money ‘destroyed’, or going to the US gvt?
    My assumption would be that the money is just taken out of circulation.

    1. the fed has unlimited money – it is virtual money, nothing happens to that :-)))

  10. In 16:27 you mention that if you can find a dividend stock that has a 5 percent yield, you already have a 50 percent discount on price. I would like to know how a 5 percent yield can lead to a 50 percent discount. And when you say discount, what exactly is the discount? I hope my questions are clear, thank you!

    1. compared to the 2.5% of the general market or of the Vanguard High Dividend Yield ETF 🙂 Good question!

  11. Argentinian here. We are reaching an 80% annual inflation. We look nostalgically at our past periods of 20% inflation. The Merval it’s not a representative market. Few companies, each one suffering (huge taxes and high inflation). We are used to think in dollars and invest in dollars (our best weapon). Love your videos, Sven.

    1. Yes, it is common for Argentinians with assets to hold bank accounts outside the country.
      All assets (such as real estate) are dollar denominated in the country.
      For this reason the middle and rich classes are somewhat insulated from the inflation, it is the poor that are getting crushed. But then again it was also the poor that voted in the current government…

    2. ​@Don Kalzone

      1.) We have dollar accounts too. It’s imposible to buy the ‘legal dollar’ at official prices. So, there is an ilegal dollar (called ‘dollar blue’), that’s -today- 100% expensive.

      2.) Generally, the argentinians are used to buy Real Estate (here, in Argentina) or invest outside the country (USA stocks generally). Luckily, it’s possible and here ‘one dollar is a fortune’. 2/3K monthly and your are the 1% (or less).

      3.) It’s difficult, because we earn in ‘pesos’ (our currency) and Real Estate prices are -ever- in US dollars. Also, Real Estate here is not inexpensibe (not too far from US prices). Mortages? It’s impossible to get a sensible deal. So, 100% cash purchases.

      It’s a lovely but difficult country to live. Inflation (I insist, a 20% annual inflation is heaven here), ultra high taxes, corruption. Lot’s of problems. The good thing: Intelligent people (lot’s of brains). And if you can earn in dollars (for example, investing in USA, or working for foreing companies) you are rich with much less than in USA.

  12. The Argentinian peso is once again fixed and the street value is actually half of what you see in that chart you presented. That is to say that on the streets a dollar will buy you ~250 pesos as opposed to the ~125 pesos shown in the chart.

  13. Hi Sven! As an Argentinian, I have to correct you in that assumption. 120 $/USD is the “oficial” currency price, but that is only accesible if you are an importer. You get the real $/USD Relation when you divide Argentinian Assets exchanged in the Merval with the same assets traded in foreing exchanges (That is what is called “Dólar MEP” in Arg). Right now, that parity is near 300 $/USD. Another thing, if you check current Arg assets traded in NYSE, they are around 90% below their ATH. For Example, all Banking companies together (Galicia, Macro, Supervielle, etc) have a market cap of only around 2b USD. Bonds are more than junk right now too (18 USD a Bond that should be valued at 100 USD). Not even ukraine with the war is in those values

  14. Hi Sven! Love your videos!! Could you asses investing in TIPs via ETF (e.g. Vanguard Short-Term Inflation-Protected Securities ETF) as a conservative investor’s tool to fight inflation (and a place park extra cash until good investment is found)?

  15. Hello Sven, I have a question regarding the Vanguard table shown in the video, classifying the type of asset against their performance through time. Warren Buffet is buying a great portion of Occidental Petroleum, is this company classified as “commodity” or as “value” in the Vanguard table?

  16. Great video as always Sven!!!! For your youtube portfolio I recommend you to analyze POSCO Holdings. Seems a very great business trading low from its peak. The cash flows are really strong and a great dividend yield makes it a real bargain. I think one of the most important think to look here is even the management. Low and fair wages for the management and no stock option trading. Love you 😉

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