My Top Investment Ideas For 2024

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Today I'll highlight my preferred financial investment ideas, stocks, and ETFs to purchase in Canada!


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My Top Investment Ideas For 2024

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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. Rather than China ETF, I prefer cyclical commodities like GOLD. Lithium or OIL stocks. If that is too speculative or risky, get beaten down REIT stocks instead

  2. Happy New Year 🎉 as for the picks, I’m in agreement 3/4 the geopolitical situation in China has left that market off my radar but I could be missing out, who knows

  3. Love your show! Agree with you 3/4 because of china. China has a demographic challenge that will hurt the corporations for decades. The question is when it will start and how long will it last?

  4. 1, 2 and 4 I agree on. When it comes to 3 I don’t have a ton of faith in the Chinese market currently. I also see potential problems emerging if Xi continues to exacerbate tensions between himself and the US.

  5. Been dollar cost averaging on XUU to atleast lower my exposure on Tech stocks, and as well as have exposure on mid caps and small caps. Good video again Brandon, and Happy New Year!

    1. I’ve been eyeing on ZAG etf which is an aggregate bond etf because of its MER of only 0.07, what do you all think of it?

  6. 1 / 4. Gta call it on China, it is a pure gamble at this point way past the point of each company’s fundamentals. Agree with indian stocks though. Between msft and cost both bring super overpriced, I wouldn’t recommend costco, so 1 is a good suggestion but gta be very picky some are overpriced are others have a lot of risk ( dollar general, home depot, etc). Small caps most people can’t perform fundamental analysis to individually pick, so I would have suggested an ETF there. Bonds are the only that I agree with, but I don’t personally dabble there cause it is low return overall and I have a long horizon so I wouldn’t mind volatility. Cheera and happy 2024

  7. I’m thinking now would be a good time to start looking at REITs. They have taken a beating in the past couple of years, and with interest rates stabilizing or going down, it bodes well for REITs.


  8. Hope everyone had a great time with family over the holidays. 2.5/4 1 and 4 solid yes and half on sm cap only because if its not a managed ETF there is a lot of homework to pick a few good ones with growth and dividend potential. So its still good but will take more effort. I’m not looking at China at all not even if there are indications of a climb and no new tariffs. My risk tolerance is getting smaller as I get closer to retirement as I have 3 years not 30.

  9. 1. Agree 👍 Probably smart to avoid the hyped up areas of the market. REITs, utilities, telecoms, financials, even some retail have been punished over the past 2 years, might be time we see a rotation.
    2. Agree 👍 Small caps are always a great idea (typically I’d consider a small cap under 5billion). I prefer to invest in the 25billion and bellow range.
    3. Somewhat Agree 👋 I’d say I agree that the China and India are the countries that will see the most growth, but where I differ is that I don’t think that makes it mandatory to buy companies that are based in those countries. Lots of businesses have pretty substantial exposure to those areas who are also not at risk from a political standpoint
    4. Disagree 👎 although everything you said about bonds is true, I’m not nearing or in retirement so ability to withstand volatility is still high. I see other areas of the market outperforming bonds still. (Warren Buffett looks for “equity bonds” which is why he has been buying oxy. Id take equity bonds over bond bonds any day)

  10. My score is 3 out of 4. I can’t really comment on China because news from there is not dependable in my view. I think Utilities will do well this year due to the potential easing of interest rates. Can you recommend some good distribution paying US ETF’s?

  11. My opinions: Long term play on Mexico via EWW (Mexico ETF) could be good – can start building a position by selling puts. I think long duration is a good play in 2024 also. mREITS (e.g. NLY, AGNC) are a good idea. Hard to dismiss the magnificent seven even after a stellar 2023 performance. Iron, copper long term plays via mining company exposure (e.g. RIO, BHP, FCX) – have been building positions slowly in 2023 and will continue in 2024. NIO and LCID decent choices to add to speculative/experimental allocation in portfolio. YUMC gives some exposure to Chinese consumer.

  12. the mag 7 are heavy at the top. I see where you are going with this mentioning small cap if you can find one with promiss, and slowly grows over time, with the chance of a speedy take off. you could make gains on growth along with dividend growth and you will be well off. There is to much uncertainty in my opinion And my main concern is the 33 trillion U.S debt.

  13. 2.5 for me😀 As for small cap, I would only feel comfortable with a small percentage in an ETF. I also burnt with Alibaba, hoping you are correct so I can get my money back.😂 Happy New Year🎉

  14. I sold BABA in October and bought an ETF of Chinese companies as they were down about the same amount – I feel better with more diversification. I agree with #1. ½ with #2. ¾ with #3. ½ with #4 as I got a bit burned with bonds last year. So, 2.75.

  15. 2.5/4
    I’m afraid of #3. Too many variables.
    #2 all depends on which company you choose (.5 for that one)

  16. Great video my friend – I agree with your first point – Valuations have gotten a little ahead of themselves on the tech side – I think this year may be the year of value and quality cash dividend paying stocks- This, again, just speaks to the importance of having a well positioned portfolio consisting of cash producing companies to hold for the long term – Happy New Year 👍

  17. Thanks for Sharing your Home Work.

    Regarding the Banking Stocks and the Capital they have set to the side to deal with possible upcoming housing sectors issues/Bankruptcies. At some point these reserves that have been set to the side can be released as the housing market removes its self from the danger that rising interest rates created. When do you think this might happen, and do you think its possible that these reserves could be returned to share holders in the form of dividends and even a special one time dividend.

    Tell me what you think on that subject.

  18. Agree with you on China 100% i have 10% of my stock portfolio in BABA and another 15% of my overall portfolio in BABA calls of $100 for june 2024

  19. Chinese stocks for sure when Chinese companies continue to beat earnings make a better product in the next year or two institutional investors will start gravitating toward Chinese equities. Recession is going to hit us whether we like it or not. Apple is going to have some rough earnings this year. I think it’s only a matter of time when we start seeing semi conductors coming out of China better than America as well. The mag 7 is the last place id want to be parking my investment in the years to come. Take your profits and move on I say.

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