Stock Battles – Which Is The Better Stock To Buy? Vote Now!

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In this video, we continue our Stock Battle Series! Brandon's choice is Pfizer, and Marc's is TD Bank. Do not forget to vote for your preferred!!

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Stock Battles – Which Is The Better Stock To Buy? Vote Now!

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  1. I have to go with Mark one this one, With TD.
    As you both have said For the long haul both stocks are an A.
    But in the next 12 months from what your partner to your left has shown us.. TD has a better chance in taking the win by a few bucks.
    Thanks. Was a great show

  2. Great picks, and I happen to have both (TD in my TFSA, Pfizer in my RRSP). Overall, though, my vote goes to TD!

  3. Enjoyed this, thanks Guys !🎉
    Apparently the replacement for BPHA plastics is not any improvement ….no mindful with the baby and yourselves with plastic, definitely avoid microwaving in them🎉 🎉🎉🎉

  4. None. Pfizer was at the same price in 2001, I’d get it only if it dips below $30. TD faces too many headwinds right now, we’ll see later this year 🤷‍♀️. Love those videos, great job!

  5. Marc! Love the T-shirt! 🍻 🍷 Nice to see you both…a bit of a change from all the forest fires that are now out here in Atlantic Canada! 🔥 Thanks for the “fun” in this one too. 😀 👍

  6. I vote for TD. Although as a side I will look at buying Pfizer instead as already heavily invested in banks! Great show as always!

  7. Great cast. I would hesitate with Pfizer after the epipen fiasco years ago. Love TD!!!

  8. TD for me. Been strongly considering initiating a position lately as opposed to the usual bank etf.

  9. Thank you for talking about TD bank. I was debating what to do with that stock. You helped clarify and put things in perspective. My vote goes to TD!!

  10. Pfizer is a go . I’m already heavy td . Love both stocks but for my portfolio now Pfizer is good exposure to health sector .

  11. Pretty good picks from both of you.. my vote goes to PFE. Been buying recently for my health sector exposure, and I feel it’s great value currently.

  12. The stress on Brandons face when marc revealed TD Lol. Both are really good picks. Its going to be close.

  13. Sorry Brandon 😂😂 My vote goes to your dad ‘s choice✅ Go TD! ✅ go Marc ! ✅ I love that bank and costumer service . Great video as always ❤️

  14. I vote for TD as the Canadian bank got hit hard this year, not necessarily in relation to their performance. That said, I will probably buy Pfizer in the near future as I already own a lot of banks in my portfolio, so for diversification’s sake I would add a bit of healthcare.

  15. I’m going with TD both great picks but I’m more scared of picking pharma companies due to the research aspect. Banks aren’t easy to research either as far as risks go but at least it’s easier to understand than all the Latin you see in the reports in pharma companies.

  16. This is the toughest one yet. Both are good, but TD is just fantastic so it gets my vote.

  17. TD for sure, great value to pick up these days especially when markets are skidish.

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