Crypto, Shills, Finfluencers, Scandal | This has to change.

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FTX Crypto apply for insolvency. Who is to blame if you lost money?


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Crypto, Shills, Finfluencers, Scandal | This has to change.

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About the Author: Richard Money


    1. well, in the end it is the investor who is responsible for their own actions. HOWEVER!: I think those crypto pushers are just playing to the algorithms to pump up views and subs and the resulting income their channels generate. They don’t really care about what happens to anyone out there AT ALL. They will hype the rise and fall alike. So they are guilty of being dishonest and unethical; the investors are guilty of being gullible. So they are partially responsible for the investor’s loses…but would also be responsible for any gains realised as well.

  1. I like your content – and personally already watch a lot of other YouTubers so don’t want to watch you review and critique others…. You already do a good job to keep your content original!

  2. Good video. I feel like you guys are doing an amazing job talking about the pros , cons and diving into stocks and ETFs that you have in the videos. I am one of those people that don’t invest into company stocks because I don’t like that kind of risk but also because I hate that they only pay once every 3 months. There isn’t always tools out there to find all the possible ETFs that might appeal to someone so videos that talk about them can be useful.

    One video I would love to see you guys make is Bond ETFs. I am struggling to not only find but know if some of them are good or not.

    Keep up the good informative content.

  3. Thank you for the candor Marc. I agree that financial YouTubers have a responsibility to their viewers. The greater the influence, the greater the responsibility. As one of the best financial channels on YouTube, I personally appreciate how you two have developed your content and are not dogmatic on personal finance. Thank you 😃

  4. If done constructively, it could be interesting to see reviews of other YouTuber in the financial space. Some are backed by fund managers, other rely on fund or goverment websites.

  5. Thanks Marc! I recall Brandon mentioning several YTers in the financial space that he likes (Plain Bagel, for example). I think constructive info on other channels could be useful but it could bring lots of negative comments for you guys. If you do it, just be careful as to how you are doing it. If not, the other route of saying “I like these channels because” would be a good alternative. Brandon has also always been fully transparent about his Chinese stocks. 3 years back he was explaining why he liked the companies, where he was seeing that tech space heading, etc…these stocks tanked but he knew the risk, had laid it out, and specifically mentioned that these were his riskier positions and that such investments are not for everyone. He literally tells his viewers all the time NOT to follow blindly what he does and to assess their risk tolerance. I will always appreciate that. I love your channel. He gave me the knowledge and confidence to go the DIY investing route, and I will forever be grateful. He deserves to make a living from his hard work and dedication to educate the masses. It’s very much needed and he’s doing an awesome job of it. I followed the channel for 3 years and then joined the Academy. Very much happy with this decision!

  6. I think you and Brandon are always very clear about understanding the strength/weaknesses of types of investments. You have also been emphasizing long term and passive investments and instilling caution where needed. I am not sure it is worth the time to peer review other channels. I don’t think you need to feel responsible for viewers who are not willing to spend time thinking and putting thought into a portfolio and risk tolerance. You are being tactful but the reality are there appears to be a lot of unwise people out there in the social media world. As always I appreciate the time you and Brandon spend providing solid advice about financial investments. I have recommended your channel to my daughters and colleagues. Keep it up!❤😊

  7. Love videos like this. Marc, how about a middleground type of thing, using an influencer’s objectionable, misleading or “not the whole story” content video as subject matter for your own? That way, you’re not singling out the individual, but that particular content with your own expertise. As evidenced by your amazing videos on current market-direction indicators, your style is ideal for this type of “review” of other channels.

    YOU ARE PROVIDING US, the Canadian investment community, A HUGE SERVICE by presenting examples of investment products – often from their creators – that represent the entire world of various investment styles, some like your own and some not. I personally feel you (Canadian YouTube investing channels) compete with BNN because we investors want to hear it from the horses’ mouths. Hey, critics out there, how else are we supposed to be exposed to the investment world?

    For example, you are commended for presenting Adriano’s Starinieri (Passive Income Investing), an approach very different from yours. By and large, we, your subscribers, appreciate your time thoughtfulness and the content you bring us, as well as the information provided when you engage critics in debate. We consumers also have a responsibility in interpreting what’s provided to us. There’s no one-size-fits-all, no single clarity of communication style, no single source that gets it right 100% of the time. Thanks, again, for your conscientiousness and best efforts.

  8. In my opinion both you and Brandon do an excellent job presenting information that is not always easy to understand for the average person! I commend you both for taking the time to help people with their financial literacy! We all need to be mindful of what we consider to be reliable resources of information, but I have found the information you both present is top knotch! Thank you!

  9. I gotta say that the addition of Marc to this channel has taken it to a whole different level, Brandon was doing great but Marc just set them apart, I do agree with everything you say, that is something to say when is coming from a guy (me) that has a totally different investment strategy (ETF Income investing). In Canada I’d said that only you and Adrian insights and recommendations are really worth taking in consideration when investing. Thanks for all the good work.

  10. I think I would appreciate some recommendations on good channels. Maybe quickly outline for what type of investors they are for. I don’t really see a lot of value in talking about the “bad ones”. Thanks for another great video!

  11. I started to watch your content around a year ago. What i love about it is that its not about hyping stocks or funds but teaching how long term investing is. I am 41 and I wish I knew what I learned here 10 years ago. I have an engineering degree so I have a good knowledge about exponential growth. But I didn’t know how the mark worked. Now I have a better intuition about it. Thanks for the great content!

  12. I watch the ‘popular’ financial Youtubers occasionally, just to keep up with what is going on. Never went near crypto, but I did make some quick money on Blockchain. I’ve worked too hard for my money to lose it now. I applaud those who did buy AND SELL crypto- good for them, just not for me 🙂

  13. Personally, I would hope that all investors, who watch YouTube, will eventually find your channel and truly understand the value of your advice.

  14. Nice work Marc. Often I feel I get a lot of wisdom from this channel that encourages critical thinking. Lots of garbage out there and you always have to filter through the noise. Thanks again for all you guys do.

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