2 Monthly Dividend Stocks To Buy For The LONG-TERM (CANADA + US)

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Today we'll cover A&W Royalties Earnings Fund, ticker AW-UN. TO & Reality Earnings REIT, ticker O.


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2 Monthly Dividend Stocks To Buy For The LONG-TERM (CANADA + US)

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  1. Mozza burger for sure!! Occasionally a mama with cheese. Lol
    Thanks for always sharing such great info!!

  2. Love the sausage n’ egger but our local location stopped serving breakfast which makes me worried.

  3. A&W.UN!! yes!! one of my favourites; wish I had bought more back when Covid crashed it. Super cool…I get to pay myself every time I buy a hamburger! I recommended this one befor4, so I am taking creed for it being profiled…jsut sayin’. 😉

    Note that this is separate from the US A&W. totally different company.

    Uncle burger with the bacon and cheese, yam fries. after that the Teen burger.

  4. Double Buddy. I am not surprised they are doing well. There has been one going up on every block in downtown Toronto in the last couple years

  5. Brandon, I love the Bacon Egger & Double Teen burger. Im curious, if I used a $1,000 cash to buy A&W shares in a TFSA, Does that mean the 5% dividend would be $50.00 paid into my account each month ??? …$50 is 5% of $1,000.

    1. @Crazy Planet You have to let those dividends compound over a long time. Is it worth it today? Maybe not, will it be worth it in 10 years? Likely yes.

    2. @Crazy Planet 5+% dividends? … not easy to beat! … and dividends taxed at lower rate(s). You can’t get a GIC for that right now …. plus advantages of dividend income and you can sell-get out whenever you want (I assume) – vs. GIC

  6. Funny this keeps coming around on my watch list, still have yet to jump into A&W but thanks for a good breakdown on it

  7. Realty Income is one heck of a REIT and certainly a powerhouse if you ask me.. I have over 100 shares worth of it in my portfolio and will be growing my position with O as it continues to grow. GREAT VIDEO!

  8. I have been been very fond of Royalty stocks and their total returns have been doing very well even through the bear market. Good Job Brandon :-).

  9. Been a holder of A&W now for about 10 years…. I love the product, and thus the business… I have a sense of pride whenever I go to an A&W – you are right – it is a “Fun” stock to own!

  10. Recently Realty Income Has Announced they are investing 1 BILLION dollars into Plenty’s Vertical Farming Project which will shape the future of Agriculture. I cant wait to see Realty Income Benefiting from this in the future.

  11. Have held AW-un.to for around 15 years. Recently replaced it with a couple of ETFs. Although I still love the royalty structure, AW’s unit price has grown well ahead of its distribution over the years. I’m not sure how long it can continue at this pace. There isn’t much distribution growth and the distribution’s reduced during COVID. I feel I need to be compensated with a higher yield.

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