Rule #1 Rapid-Fire

Coach Jamaal addresses a lightning round of questions in this Rule # 1 Rapid-Fire!

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  1. My first ah hah moment was at slickly produced ‘investing’ seminar that was touring the country selling their proprietary investing system. I knew then that I needed to find out how to invest without needing to rely on someone who was selling me stock advice. (If their system worked, they would quietly be making millions for themselves.) I read books and one day read Phil’s book. His method was exactly what I was seeking and it was packaged in a way that I didn’t have to cobble it all together from other sources. So my second ah hah moment was when I read Phil’s first book. I now am very comfortable doing my own investing / research and do not rely on anyone else for help.

    1. Thank you for sharing! We love hearing about how you came to the Rule #1 family and how you gained the confidence to invest in yourself for yourself.

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