YouTube Stock Portfolio Update (12 Positions, not adding Activision)

YouTube Update

0:00 YT
1:43 WBD
4:49 RUI
5:15 NEM
6:07 META
6:40 KWEB
7:57 INTC
8:53 GOOG
9:41 DVO
11:13 AMZN ADM.
12:01 ATVI.

YT Portfolio Playlist.
META Stock Video.
KWEB Purchase Video.

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YouTube Portfolio Playlist.

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YouTube Stock Portfolio Update (12 Positions, not adding Activision)

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  1. Nice update, I am quite uncertain about Meta and it’s future, but I am very bullish on Intel long term. Could you also take a look at Polestar PSNY in an upcoming video, now that they revealed their first earnings?

    1. @Sneaky_Krait TSMC is literally building a plant in the U.S. soon, so combined with better chips it’s not looking good for Intel even longterm. If Intel trades below $15, maybe, MAYBE, I’ll consider stepping in.

    2. @BlueZaton Is it soon finished or starts building soon? You are assuming that TSMC keeps having better chips and nothing will change about that in coming years, but look what happened to Intel, who used to be undefeated king, got beaten by AMD in just a few years. They also do much of the investment in Europe.

    3. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. Indeed, which makes them interesting if they invest into a great plan. Meta doesn’t, Intel does in my opinion

    4. @Sneaky_Krait I’m bullish at a certain price, my risk reward comfort zone, intel has a lot to prove, they lost apple, that’s huge.

  2. Nice, been looking forward to this update.
    When evaluating US stocks as a European would you look at the value in USD or EUR? A lot of US stocks went down in USD value, but USD went up vs EUR.

    1. that is a great data point you share, but with debt you never know as it is dynamic. for now it looks ok, but we will see, it is something to follow over time!

    1. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. well the term “paper trading” is more commonly known than “demo portfolio” I just wanted a clarification. I respect what you do at the end of the day. Value investing is the way. I will look at the link you sent me.

  3. Hi Sven, thanks for the update! I have one question! Since in the portfolio there is berkishire which has the 40 or 50% invested in apple, and there is also the Apple stock bought individually, is it possible that the portfolio at the moment is a bit too exposed to the company?

    1. I follow those two companies, BRK’s owns 5.6% of apple, which is around 135 billion, on a 700 billion balance sheet, that is not 40%!

  4. Hi Sven, thanks for the update.
    Value investors assess the potential earnings a company will produce compared to its purchase price.
    Often this is associated with the idea of investing in a company ‘over the long term’. In practice though, how long do the best performing value investors hold equity in their top 10 best performing companies ?
    The average age of companies in the S&P500 was 21 years in 2021, which implies they are in decline for a period before falling off the list. The company lifespan has reduced considerably since the 60’s.
    I’d be interested in your thoughts and insights on this topic.

  5. How about a video focusing on steel companies like SSab, thyssenkrupp e.g. I think steel is highly needed after the war in ukraine, higher military budgets and green transition

    1. that depends on the input price and demand. demand is still high, i need a good recession to look into a cyclical like that.

  6. Thanks Sven. Really interesting to follow these businesses w/ you. IMHO, the least risky stocks for the long term w/b: BRK B, AAPL, ADM and probably AMZN. They, with the exception of BRK B, if bought at a good price, would likely outperform the S&P500. BRK B’ s price, tracks w/ the S&P500, so it’s tempting to buy the S&P500 instead, when prices are good. Though I love the BRK B fortress of cash and world-class management there (Warren and Charlie, et. al.) of course. The S&P500 provides (< 2%) dividends, while BRK B provides zero. BRK B does provide greater peace of mind. I have both in my portfolio..

    1. Those companies you refer as “low risk” are the riskiest companies in Sven’s portfolio, insane valuations. Holding cash returns more than them. This is why Sven have low exposures to them.

  7. Growth/Value Impression: Salesforce. High FCF, high FCF/margins, high growth, net cash. It’s getting interesting. I hope it drops to 125 usd

  8. Sven, you said in last video not to trust you. How can you say that when you present yourself as a teacher? (you also give recommendations like for Interactive Brokers).

    1. exactly, don’t trust me, see how the info fits you and what is the risk and reward and how it fits you. I try to discuss the risk and reward, you can dig deeper, you will especially if you don’t trust me, but I can’t make the decision for you!!!

    2. That is the essence of teaching: helping students think and learn for themselves. I’m a social studies teacher and it’s the same in the classroom. Trust no one and question authority!

  9. Hi sven, an idea for the future, when should someone sell a stock? When the price of the stock react the underlying value of the business?

    1. According to Peter Lynch, when the original reason why the stock was bought has changed. This is a good advice. However, it assumes the stock was bought for a reason other than only “This sucker is going up” (Lynch). 🙂

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