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has to do with your cash and your monetary goals. The key is to comprehend how the risk and reward fits you personally.

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My enthusiasm is to search for low danger high benefit investment opportunities with a long-term organization owning like focus. I apply my accounting skills and investing experience in order to discover the best services to own that offer the possibility to lead me towards my monetary objectives.
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Constantly bear in mind: "Investing involves threat of loss".

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  1. I invest diversified in the whole market, enjoy about 3% dividends and sleep well. Doesn’t matter what the price do. Long term, the market will grow!

  2. Great video, when I first started trading properly I was following and copy trading from Youtube etc. (HUGE mistake) the past couple months I have been green and starting to dig out of my little hole (it was a big hole at one point). A vital lesson was learned but it was one that needed to be done, thankfully I never blew up my account.

  3. Hi Sven,
    You have told to remind you to check HPQ when it drops to 26$, it’s 25$ now. Can you make a video on it?

  4. Nice video!
    Investing is not easy at all, you need to study hard to understand if a company is worth or not to invest. For this reason many people look for information on youtube from “experts”. It can be tempting to copy them.

  5. What advice would you give someone on a very low fixed income due to circumstances that was forced upon him at the age of fifty?

  6. Sven, I have a question. I have looked at a number of popular dividend stocks, and I have noticed that some of them pay more in dividend than they get in free cash flow. Why would a business do that? Is it just to keep investors from selling?

    1. Hopefully that’s temporary, I think free cash flow can drop below dividend if company start investing heavily back into the business, in this case if company ROIC is good it should be ok. Also management’s compensation is usually related to stock price, maybe thats a reason why they keep the dividend so people don’t sell. If the company always pay more dividend than free cash flow for a long time then its a red flag for me.

    2. Yes, it’s to keep the stock price from falling. I would stay away unless you have VERY good reason to think that company will get back to more cash flow than dividend.

  7. Thanks for the video Sven. This is a great reason why we should continue learning about the stock market and everything else: to take informed decisions.

  8. Thanks Sven. It really does blow my mind that such a small % of people understand this, seems so logical to me. Anyways, I’ll keep enjoying every video to the end myself ; )

  9. Got one for you: Persimmon home builder in the UK. Highly volatile, current PE 5, and almost down to 2015 stock price. Dividend currently 17.41%. In the UK land is the key as it’s in short supply. House builders buy up large amounts and sit on it for decades waiting for the value to go up before building so it drops the risk.

    1. nope! And that is actually the biggest issue – if people invest the money they can’t afford to lose!

  10. Hi Sven, when you refer to apples earnings yield? this is the net income i presume? For other companies that are in the earlier cycles can we use operating income?

  11. You said you sold your shares after telling people how the long term investment was good at any price. I really think you need to discuss economy now 😅

  12. I have been subscribed to your channel for years, Sven. There are only a handful of decent educational channels covering investing, yours is among those few. Thanks for the education you’ve given me over the years.

  13. I personally don’t like the virtual portfolio, but all the analysis is interesting.

    The videos i like most, are those of “investing soft skills”. Keep the good work Mr Sven!

    1. Glad you like them! Some like this, some like that, so I need to keep making a mix of things. A little bit for everyone!

  14. Sven, keep sharing your pearls of value investing wisdom. Other people may not understand your information but I am tracking what you are teaching.

  15. I would love you to add Alibaba and Tencent to the YT portfolio. 2 great businesses with great potential in a country who will do well on the long term! Would be a great value for our learning.



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