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My enthusiasm is to search for low risk high benefit financial investment opportunities. I use my accounting abilities and experience in order to discover fascinating investment concepts that provide the possibility to lead me towards my monetary goals.
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Constantly bear in mind: "Investing involves danger of loss".

Analysis – You Love It NOW !?!?!?!?!

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  1. When it comes to stock trading, I always mention Emma Fay Howell. We watched her start off her brokerage career brilliantly, and I’m glad to see her increase investors’ wealth. She helped me grow my stock portfolio last year from half a million to seven million dollars, and I’m looking forward to the return on investment this year.

    1. I really appreciate your effort, so please accept my sincere gratitude. I’ll get in touch right away and keep my fingers crossed.

    2. Emma is the right person to run to if you’re talking about stock investment, presently I have 2m$ in my portfolio and she is responsible for it, I started off with 150k, working with the right person or team is the best advice for anyone looking to make progress efficiently.

  2. I bought oil in march 2020 after seeing youre video.. and logical thinking. I could not agree more back then. It was my best trade ever! I kept about 25 percent of my oil stocks till now. I think i ll keep this until i quit investing… Years from now. If oil stocks would colllapse like 2020 then i would buy back more. Not sure if selling all now would be very smart. Oil will come increasenly difficult to find as decades go. I would think. And thus prices should go up… Ultimately. Greets and sheers

  3. I bought 200 share of Xom at 33 and sold at 85. Good money plus the dividends all tax free because it was in a Roth IRA.

  4. As a young man in 1983, I put every dime I had ($16k) into Exxon shares based on advice given to my father by his broker. It was trading at a historic low & paying a great dividend. Over the years, I’ve used the dividends as income & also invested in other sectors for diversification. Those shares remain the foundation of my portfolio.

  5. I hate myself on not using that opportunity I am such a fucking moron I was seeing it knew it to be a great opportunity but I was fucking broke and didn’t want to ask my parents to buy in

  6. absolutely, also u could buy oil as a commodity when it was dirt cheap literally 2 years ago. there was almost no one i was following who even talked about it.. same with facebook, everyone loved when it got 200 from 380, but when it was 100 then everyone went cautious. now it is 200+ again, so everyone like it again.. pff

  7. One on my favorites analyst’s.. world runs on oil.. heavyweight in oil sector in general.. like real estate will always be there..

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