What Percentage of Stocks, Bonds And Real Estate For Retired Person

Just How Much For Retired Individual

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What Percentage of Stocks, For Retired Person

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  1. Your assumption that bonds cannot beat inflation is simply wrong.
    You would have to assume that inflation would stay this high permanently AND that rates will never be lowered again.

  2. Thank you Sven!
    I am holding cash till i find opportunities which fit my goal (11% a year) . But i am sitting on a lot of cash and cant find an investment that meet my goals with low risk to deply there a large amount of money, or all of it.
    So for now i am only 35% investest at the stock market.
    Would you act the same?
    I know that investments takes time to materialize so i dont invest in 8% return investments, because stocks can go down for a few years until reach goal or materialize.
    What do you think of this process?
    Thank you!
    P.s. i am at your research platform 🙂

    1. That’s what Buffett does. He buys T-bills during the time of waiting for good opportunities though to lose less to inflation than what he would lose if would hold real cash.

  3. I try to have a peace of mind before 50. But that involves a very basic, very minimalistic lifestyle. ☮️

  4. Should a 50 years old retired person must be concerned by a potential krach on real estate ? It looks like real estate grows everywhere until central bank cut the flow, or governement increases tax , shits laws.

  5. Sempre ben druze Sven,pensa che col superbonus 110% più bonus sismico etc etc ,con 6 Mila euro i me’ fa’cappoto esterno casa nova , caldaia nova ETCETC . ETCETC …. Meo de cussi’…. Grazie per il servizio

  6. 90% of my wealth in real estate (own home + rentals). Cash flow was pretty decent last few years but the dutch government really screwed investors with very high wealth tax and rent regulations.Thinking about selling, but my tenants are too pleased with the price and service 😃

    In the Netherlands you can’t evict tenants (unless they stop paying). I wouldn’t advise any new investor to start renting out as a private landlord in the Netherlands (box – 3 taxes). It is just not worth it anymore. For Dutch investors REITs might be a better alternative. @Sven – maybe do a new video on REITs? Bought some O a few weeks ago.

    1. Yes that’s what I’ve been thinking is it really worth the hassle to have physical real estate compared to REITS. Then again REITS have been doing well because of the low interest rates the last years. So why bother with REITS if non-real estate businessess have a better cash flow and risk reward balance. Not sure if Sven’s circle of competence is real estate. Like banks and pharmas he doesn’t touch it often.

  7. I can’t understand why anyone would rather have bonds than a wide array of really great companies that are likely to do well for 30 years. For instance, in 30 years… I have no idea what the value of USD will be, but people will still be drinking Coca-Cola.

  8. Real Estate is a huge hassle and stress but if you don’t care about that I would recommend owning 50% Stocks + 50% Real Estate.

  9. Hi Sven, thank you for sharing your ideas. Please I don’t understand if you talk about REITS or buy real houses or apartments. Thanks in advance for your reply.

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