What does ‘DON’T LOSE MONEY MEAN’ ?!?!?! And How NOT to LOSE Money Investing!

Buffett just states: rule number 1: do not lose money, rule number 2: search for guideline number 1!
That is simple to state, but what does it in fact mean to not lose cash when it pertains to .

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Always bear in mind: "Investing includes risk of loss".

What does 'DON'T LOSE MONEY MEAN' ?!?!?! And How NOT to LOSE Money Investing!

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  1. Awesome video and great example of stocks crashing 😜 what would you say about crypto investing??

    1. How does Crypto fit into the Value Investing Strategy of this channel? How do you value Crypto?

  2. Sempre ben druze Sven,bel mio xe partida anche CIRCLE ,la me’ pagherà la badante… grazie per il servizio

    1. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. Inflation will take care of that..
      ..question didn’t specify x4 purchasing power, just x4 😉

    1. sun exposure, they say I need the vitamin D to be able to work this much on my computer!

  3. 1:10 I just want to point out that this is false advertising, as you clearly were going uphill.

  4. In my country Thailand, people likes to share Warren Buffett rule of don’t lose money to insisting on cut loss of your investment. This is a great video to point out the correct view.

  5. Perfectly on point. Never interrupt the compounding train.
    That is the reason why I have this quote as a wallpaper at my desktop, it always reminds me to focus on risk first. Even Warren is looking at me on this wallpaper so I dont want to disappoint him 🙂 :). My wife things I am nuts, but hey who cares 🙂

    1. @miguel zapata He sold everything last year in the summer to lock the returns for his platform advertisement. He actually told everyone in his last video that his 100% returns is his platform. He is not making money by investing, but by selling his platform.

    2. I have made, and the model portfolio is in continuation since 2018, and travelling at more than 15%.
      If you have any issues with me, send me an email 🙁

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