Wall Street says Nothing To Worry in 2024…

Wall Street is predicting a great 2024 and we have absolutely nothing to stress. The economy will slightly slow down, will increase on lower rates, and we are all going to be richer at the end of 2024.

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Wall Street says Nothing To Worry in 2024…

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  1. Hey Sven,
    Do you ever look at the Shenzhen market?

    Do you know why everything is so crazily overpriced? Everything has PE ratios in the 40’s

  2. Happy new year Sven! I hope you and your family will have a wonderful year ahead with a lot of fishing, sailing and sunny days!✨✨

  3. Nobody knows about the future. Always take predictions with a pinch of salt, especially if they are from Wall Street. Wall Street’s predictions are mostly positive so they can sell their financial products.

  4. FED will have to cut 150-200 basis points this year. If you annualize last 6-months inflation it’s already <=3%. Even if there's a mild recession the small & mid cap stocks could rally 20-30%. That's because a stock's valuation is not solely determined on it's earnings power, risk free rate has a much bigger impact. I actually expect big growth in interest rate sensitive industries because of pent-up demand this year; expensive things such as houses and cars. Banks, car manufacturers and REITs will be winners this year IMO.

  5. Gelukkig Nieujaar!
    Seems like nobody knows anything. Go back to 2007; and you’ll find plenty of articles discussing the possibility of a soft landing for 2008/2009.

  6. Sometimes I wonder how it feels to be a Wall Street analyst, knowing all your number crunching and overall work is totally worthless.

  7. Over the past 2-3 weeks, each day has brought a different experience. A red day is followed by three green days, and by the week’s end, everything is in turmoil once more.

  8. At what time frame is it possible to determine what will happen with the economy? If not able to project 4 quarters from now, how about 1 or 2?

    1. impossible because the data is backwards looking and actions from us, that make the economy are forward looking!

  9. You remind me of Howard Marks saying “we can’t know where we’re going, we ought to know where we are”. These predictions tell us the latter, the sentiment.

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