Walgreens Boots Alliance Stock Analysis – NASDAQ: WBA

Walgreens Boots Alliance Stock Analysis – NASDAQ: WBA

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Walgreens Boots Alliance Stock Analysis – NASDAQ: WBA

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  1. Wallgreens looks like a Warren Buffet cigarette butt stock. It needs a larger margin of safety right now but if it drops lower it is a buy.

  2. Love this breakdown compared to ur previous WBA breakdowns, it’s more “fundamental” to me, pointing out exactly risk and reward and give explicit opinion on the conclusion from ur own perspective.

  3. As the USA grows more “woke” (and not prosecuting shoplifting), these stores are suffering HUGE shoplifting losses. Many in my area (Sacramento suburb) are closing. Even though I have more than a few bucks in the bank, I like shopping at these discount stores (because I like to save money) – but the theft I personally witness is unbelievable!!

    1. Agreed, I’m in Sacramento too and the closing of so many Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid branches due to theft is appalling. At least CVS is considering transitioning to online services go cut down on theft

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  6. Risk reward is pretty good in the short term, next 3 years they can probably get back on track and it could be a double up from 20

  7. the new CEO recently resigned as well, which was the recent trigger for further decline of shareholder equity. she was a SBUX exec that had this one-stop local clinic/pharmacy vision, integrated health care center, etc etc, if I recall correctly. I guess that plan didn’t work out!! 🙁 I was selling puts on WBA around a year ago, but I stopped after I noticed some of the trends you mention here. Too risky as you say!

  8. Paul from everything Money was praising Walgreens to heaven over a year ago..
    After that the stock lost over 45% ..

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