Verizon – the interest rate game

depends on rate of interest

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Verizon – the interest rate game

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  1. Thanks Sven. I will do my own research. I noticed they will announce their 2023 Q1 earnings tomorrow. Analysts expect that the FED will lower rates next year, so now might be the time to buy Verizon as “nobody” wants it.

    1. Depending on interest rates for your return can be risky though. Make sure you are happy with the return even if we have higher interest rates for longer. There are a lot of fundamental factors driving inflation over the longer term that may not go away quickly (or may recur after a recession). We will see. I always try to make sure whatever I select to invest in will provide a good return across a range of market conditions and outcomes. No one knows the future. GL with your research!

  2. Depending on the FED is never good but it seems that their FFOs cover well their interest payments. VZ bet on 5G dominance can only be judged a few years down but their dividend raises do make it an intriguing position.

    To be honest I got caught in this interest rate game when I opened a VZ position in the 1st year of investing. Difficult now to decide whether to keep or close a position (on red) but this was definitely a learning opp … high dividend yields sometimes come at a cost (i.e. REITS)

  3. Thanks Swen, it makes sense. What if the interest rates stay higher for longer? It’s better to have debt free companies in the portfolio now.

    1. I think you’re right, i want 90% of my portfolio on the low debt area. On the other side, a yield of +8,5% like VOD is hard to get. The question is: Is it sustainable under recession scenarios? I think it is, but only time will tell…

    2. @Davide Del Toro  I think that the amount of dividend is actually irrelevant to the value of the business. Counterintuitively, as a shareholder, I prefer to cover the debt first, and only then to receive dividend. Because it is more effective strategy! By the way, credit suisse paid dividend every year! I wasn’t their shareholder but would prefer to cover the problems first instead of selling it for 2bln finally!

  4. Seems like a decent covered call play. usually the options of VZ have relatively low premiums , but stock volatility over the last year has raised them quite a bit. Similar with T.

  5. Hi Sven, I generally avoid heavy debt burdened stocks (as Master Carlin taught us). But in a diversified 12 stock portfolio, I can stand 1 debt stock if it’s worth it. My choice would be Vodafone (UK based also listed in the US). Virtually same business of VZ, very similar problems, very similar virtues, but cheaper valuation. Dividend yield is higher and more sustainable IMHO. It’s worth a look or comparison! 📞🇬🇧

    1. earnings per share over 5 years for vodafone was -12 instead of +2 for verizon so theres always a reason for valuation differences.
      I would wait for another half a year to do any bet on one of them. Too much other companys with good dividends like johnson or bristol myers

  6. Can you tell what will be the signal for ENDing the bear market? Maybe when FED say we stop raising rates?

  7. Sven, ACOMO is probably not a great example of a company with no debt. Their debt is substantial and on the rise I’m afraid, but nothing compared to Verizon’s. Another great video, thanks.

  8. Sven Could you make a vídeo analysing the PSI the portuguese index and its companies
    And tell your opinion wich are the best companies to Invest for the long Run
    For exemple we have Navigator, Corticeira Amorim wich are companies leaders on their sector
    I would love to hear your opinion thank you Sven.

  9. Hi sven!
    What is your opinion about monster beverage?
    They have a great moat and they are using economies of scale
    I used to be an energy drink addict and I can ensure you that the most value for your money is monster!
    It’s now sitting at ATH what is your opinion ?

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