Value Investing Will BEAT THE MARKET, Especially From Now Onward

I securely think is they method to enter order to accumulate wealth with time. The market has its cycles, we have actually been enjoying a 42 year booming market but offered the risk and reward out there, I feel worth investing is the method to choose the next 42 years. Yes, maybe the marketplace will do another 25% this year, but that is not investing.

My enthusiasm is to look for low risk high reward financial investment chances. I use my accounting skills and investing experience in order to find fascinating investment concepts that provide the possibility to lead me towards my financial objectives.
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0:00 Beating The Marketplace.
1:16 vs. Investing.
6:35 Market Danger.

Value Investing Will BEAT THE MARKET, Especially From Now Onward

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  1. There are index funds that trade at much lower valuations – VBR a small cap value index PE is 14.3. Without the techs the market is about fairly valued, but finding value picks can still outperform this.

  2. Sven I love your passion for value investing. I am like you, value investor for 20 years, the difference is you are smarter and put in more work than I. Even my lazy results did all right, beat market half the time, lost to it the other half. Now I’m big into bonds partially because my portfolio is large and retirement is 5-7 years away and like you I see the market as overpriced. You are right though the value investments still exist!

  3. I stand 99% behind the whole message and all but the very small investment I did in these things “without intrinsic value” made returns something stocks never could. But this is safe and solid no matter what happens!

  4. Can it be that compared to the past because of taxes and buybacks were not allowed, today just less capital is returned via dividends but preferably by buybacks (due to tax reasons) ?

  5. Dividend yields and cash flows are two different things. One if not the most important reason that the dividend yield of the S&P is low is the dominant position of the ’magnificent 7‘, their focus is on growing their businesses and not on paying dividends.

    1. @@richullingfivefivefive1745 Yes and with the low interest rates companies were not under pressure to increase dividend yields. If interest rates stay higher in the next years this will also increase the pressure on companies to increase dividend yields.

  6. A lot of people fail to understand that the stock market keeps going up on margin, wich if it gets real expensive due to interest rates, then and there if that margin goes out, we will learn the true market value.
    Same goes for real estate, here in Portugal rates went up, and prices went up, not many buying prices still going up, other than inventory i just dont get it, people keep waiting for the rates to drop, what if they dont drop?

  7. i believe at one point Berkshire was buying S&P ETF.
    but definitely the company wealth comes from value investing rather than index.

  8. I’m with you Sven, i only hope that it would not need a worldwide dramatic crash to make us right!

  9. Indexing was first promoted well before the 40 year ” recent boom ” , so were based on higher rates from the past ( pre 1970s ) when future lower rates were yet unknown and have still worked out great. So it’s not ‘ just ‘ about low rates. Ps . We had high rates in the 80s and 90s too.

    1. yes, but declining rates pushed valuations higher – put a PE ratio of 10 on current earnings

  10. Showing that S&P500 dividends has dropped as a percentage is misleading when the absolute dollar dividends has increased significantly for the last 13 years (and before the great recession). Value investing for many people is to have an increasing income stream without touching the principal.

    1. The absolute dollar denominated in real value has declined relative to inflation too, don’t forget ;). Think about what else has happened in the last 13 years. Home values have more than doubled, etc. Wages and prices have all increased substantially, at a rate far higher than the ‘income stream’ from investments. Also, remember that whatever initial principal you had is now worth less.

    2. @@lesleyjohnson8488 I understand the inflation part, yet it appears the VOO dividend has risen over 200% in absolute dollars since 2010. Still misleading to show that dividends had a large drop as a percentage.

  11. Hi Sven, currently buybacks seem to be the thing to do instead of paying dividends – I guess it is hard to dig out data, BUT it would really add value to see a combined yield of buybacks and dividends; its development over time and current overall shareholder returns… Thanks for your efforts!

  12. Love to see an episode covering Metal Commodities; such as Silver, Copper, Gold, etc. Super Cycle in metals has begun??

  13. I do not have a professional financial education, but I have been watching investing courses as well as your videos and also some other people that focus on value investing. I do have a job that takes time and also i believe investing in my health and my professional education, so it also takes tike. I usually read some business news during weekdays and do couple hours of research on the weekends. I have started investing in autumn of 2020 and i am not only down ,when the market is up, but I am down over 35%. Of course, someone else might say that i am just dumb and they surely will outperform the market or at least dont lose money, and it very well might be true, however i also wanted to share my experience that not everyone is getting positive ROI despite putting effort and time into it.

  14. There is no reason to think that dividend yield will ever return to its historical average of 5.5%. Stock buybacks were illegal for much of the time in your chart; now that they are legal the dividend yield will trend towards zero as stock buyback are a much more tax efficient way to return capital to investors. Indeed, this is what we see happening today

  15. I think the large shift down in average dividend yield is mostly caused by shift of most companies to using stock buybacks instead of dividend yields in the last 30 years.

  16. Don’t worry, Sven. Some of us get it. That’s why we watch and subscribe. I’ve been avoiding most U.S. stocks the past few months and sold the few etfs that I owned as the market kept getting hotter. I’ve been looking at cheap indexes in other countries and individual stocks with a long runway. Keeping my head down before the earthquake. There is also a cool etf that is long vol that I really like right now. ❤

  17. Lots of people talking about stock buybacks on here. Listen, we like stock buybacks, but remember that they can basically burn capital if a company has a big sbb plan during a bull market. Tesla and Apple were buying back stocks in 2021 when their stock prices were at all time highs relative to fcf. That money evaporated in 2022/23. At least with dividends there is a little less hubris from the company and management cannot inflate the price in the short term. Buffett only does buybacks of Berkshire when the price is low, and he doesn’t make ‘promises’ to investors as to how much he will spend. That’s the difference.

  18. Subscriber to your investing platform. Love the content. Keep up the great value investing Sven.

    Much appreciated,

    From Canada🇨🇦

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