THE BANK OF ENGLAND's intervention shows what kind of insane monetary environment we have. On one hand, inflation!

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  1. It seems more and more like the next economic contagion will start in Europe. And it has everything to do with the energy crisis and terrible energy policy

  2. Analysis should really have covered the long term decline in the Euro & Sterling versus the dollar. Plus how the BoE intervention has positively impacted Euro, Sterling, AUD, etc – for the meantime at any rate.

  3. Hi Sven Great clip thank you. Would now be the time to move most of my cash to the stocks market to strike a bargain and not lose it all on inflation?

  4. Living in Britain and following closely politics and economics, I don’t understand how Liz could win the PM position when Rishi is a lot more financially cautious person and we would have needed someone like that during these times.
    Re mortgages, we have 10 years fixed rates, not only 5 years terms.

    1. 100% – Britian used to be a serious country ruled by a serious party but these days watching it disappear down the pan throught Brexit/BoJo and a Conservative having a mid life crisis is very depressing. Watching a country I love turn into Argentina upon Thames is not good. You get the govt. you deserve I guess 🙂

    2. Honestly what is the point in voting when we already know they system of taxation that the people will vote for, a percentage cut of taxes to the government. No central banks ect

    3. @John Spencer true, but it is also true for most countries nowadays. We just don’t have quality politicians in the past couple of decades.

    4. @dobcsek You are correct in that I feel more depressed about the Uk as that is the country I know rather then for example Venezuela. There does seem to be a lack of quality leadership about these days.

  5. I always like it when you pull out the massive wad of cash and say you are a billionaire! Visual aids like this do not present themselves every day. It really puts the concept into concrete right before your subscribers’ eyes. Good Job!!

    1. No, it is real money from where he lived as a boy. But inflation took hold… and whoala! he was a billionaire by age 10!! (ok , maybe a little older than that). But a billion couldn’t even buy an old car.

  6. Great video. It is in line with my thoughts so i think i am not so off. I think often people forget the public or political pressure that central banks come under and how that can send economic policy the wrong way for short term gains over long term issues

    1. Not only with central banks… The problem in Europe right now is what polticians have been doing for last decades. The democracy gives us elections every 4-5 years so we can vote. That s very nice but what happens in practice is that they take decisions for the short term, not thinking about the population. They just think in the next elections and how they can make money through their political status… That s what they made of democracy

    2. @Antonio Alves It’s not just Democracy in China they have 5 year plans and also change directions and lead to crisis so even if you do not have Democracy you still have short term plans. I think it is a limitation of human brains and not the system of governance

  7. Dear UK pension fund manager: if your risk hedge tool can actually lead to a margin call that leads the fund to bankruptcy in an afternoon, then you were never minimising risk.
    You were only postponing it.

    1. Dear UK pension holder: I get my 1% fee on your assets, do you think I care about your quality of life? Greetings from Ibiza – Sincerely, your pension fund manager!

  8. Amazing Video as always Sven. I like the rally to stack up liquidity and to be ready!

    But what would your action plan be if you were in Government now and had the power to take action?

    In Europe as you know energy costs have gone up 4x, and as you said, if they hike rates some week countries would be in deep trouble. In order to not have an immediate default of all the population not being able to pay their bills, governments keep “printing” money… through tax cuts and so on… so what would you do?

    1. If I was the government, I would be hanging in a square by the end of the week!

    2. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. at least you are honest
      Something European and more generally western governments are not

  9. Great video Sven, thanks once again

    My thoughts:
    I’ve survived investing during Black Monday (1987), Black Wednesday (very bad – 1992), Asia (1997) Russia (1998), the tech bubble (‘99-2000), 9/11 (2001) and GFC 2008-9. Let me give you the benefit of my experience

    Look to the financial statements of a company, lots of debt, lots of Goodwill, ok on the way up not good on the way down. Plenty of asset write downs are coming your way. Most importantly Cashflow is king, specifically op Cashflow (but, deduct those bullshit stock options)

    These are the things you should always be looking at anyway. If you haven’t and just looked at earnings etc. Good luck, you’re going to need it.
    Should have listened to your Uncle Sven

  10. Finally a UK focused video. As stupid as partaking in QE is during this economic climate, if the Bank of England hadn’t intervened, pension funds across the UK would’ve had their Lehman moment. The financial & social impact would be devastating for ordinary UK workers with pensions and other OPEBs, and the funds themselves depending on what they’re invested in. I’m glad you acknowledged LDI which is dangerous in an environment where we’re stuck between high inflation and a recession.

    1. the thing is that the fundamentals are not there – you can do whatever but it is all written already!

  11. The system is finally starting to fall. West Leaders will have to decide between a full reset recession or higher inflation for longer. My sense is that they don’t have the guts to reset the system to make it more efficient. In the inflation scenario, i don’t see stocks doing bad against other asset classes. We must put cash to work in the next dips, before they blink. 💡

    1. inflation will reset things, we lost 20% purchasing power in Europe in 12 months, that is a big reset!

  12. Thanks Sven. As a Euro investor (and even more so for your Dollar investors) it would be interesting to see some coverage of value investments in the UK stock market now that their stock market is suffering and the FX rate is creating a quasi-discount too

  13. Hi Swen, great stuff! What I cannot understand is whether the politians are so stupid or they just care for their mandate or upcomming elections? This short term thinking must stop some day. Or is it that all their voters are even more idiotic and does not understand the consequencies?
    I’m looking forward the investment opportunities but at the same time I’m scare where will our society end up with this biased socialistic politics. 😡

    1. it is the people, politicians do what they can do make the people feel good….

    2. @Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. well, that is I’m worried about the most. Becuase how are you going to convince idiot that he/she is being an idiot 🙂 Especialy when absolute most of citizens in EU states now nothing about economics and just feel “entitled” for goverments help. I cannot see the solution to this anywhere unfortunatelly 🙁

  14. All of this reminds me of the decorated mathematician, PhD economist who surmised the inevitable doom because the numbers rigidity. When his projection proved to not happen, he pointed to unprecedented actions of the Fed.

    We’re all playing a game against the house? They can change the rules, create new rules, delete old rules, unlimited.

    The only thing fundamental is that money has incentive for labor. But all the peripheral effects are subject to change and manipulation.

  15. Imagine doing a video like this every day and follow it up with “CRASH” in the next video on the same day the youtube metrics will spike. Thanks Seven for everything you do and sharing of your knowledge!

    1. this is the best performing video, the copper video which was this weeks top investing quality video, is the worse performing video:-) Till it is like that, investing will be good for us!

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