Time To Finally Sell Tesla?

has actually defied gravity for the last 4 years – maybe reality is here to sign in. If we have an economic crisis in 2024/2025, this might look much uglier on present appraisal. naturally, robotaxis are the benefit however …

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Time To Finally Sell Tesla?

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  1. ARRK is total amateur hour analysis. They’re so crap I cannot understand why they have ANY funds under management. Some of their DD is like some average grade assignment analysis in Finance 101. USELESS USELESS USELESS

    1. @@Value-Investing Problem is they assess things in a vacuum. Sure Retail banking is withdrawing from the main/high street and more is conducted online, but that just means the whole industry is proportionally cutting costs and competition will keep margins constant. So yes, release of floor space but getting tenants is not that easy especially in secondary footfall areas where they are closing branches… hence the market value of branches sold may not be different or lower than fair market values held on the bank balance sheet etc.

      But my real issue is ARK is simply riding on the coattail hype of ‘innovation’ industries. Unsophisticated investors buy into hype during a bull market, but we’ll see how ARKs high beta relative to the market plays out when we get a huge correction that is inevitably coming.

      I’m currently envisioning that Tesla will be $100 by the end of 2025. ARK likely still thinks its headed to the moon….

  2. I mean… Ark is definitely in the same indicator category as Jim Cramer is… if it gets mentioned there, you’re probably late or need to start selling 😅

  3. 3000$ target is presplit 3:1. Adjested to split it was 1000$ target, now 2000$… So they increased price target.

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