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  1. 1 question. How as a investors u get to know about business strategy from(source)eg. Buy 1 get 1, high discount model etc. From where we get there next strategy?eg. Before iPhone release,do investor know about their new product? Expecting your reply

  2. Sven you are the only guy that when i get notification, i literally stop everything to watch your new information. Keep on the good work!!!

  3. Governments will try to solve all future problems printing money. Either you have large assets in productive capital or you’ll get squeezed like retirees

  4. In norway, the goverment increse the pensjon to be in line with inflation each year. They just reported an uptik of 8,54% for 2023 on all pension saving. So, I guess we are covered but I agree, not many countries does this.

    Sorry, this is in norwegian, please google translate

    «Så mye øker pensjonene i 2023

    Uførepensjon og alderspensjon som du tjener opp reguleres med grunnbeløpet, mens alderspensjon som blir utbetalt reguleres med gjennomsnittet av lønns- og prisveksten. Det gir følgende økning fra 1. mai:
    Alderspensjon, AFP og særalderspensjon øker med 8,54 prosent. Det samme gjelder etterlattepensjon for deg som er fylt 67 år.»

    I guess we are lucky as we have only 520 billion in dept, and we have a national fund of 15000 billion, that is about 2,4 million per citizen ( we are small country), so we really have + in the book, I guess we have no worries 🙂 yea

  5. 5:50 so we are getting closer and closer to be a Japanese economy with 250% of debt and 0% growth.

  6. 9:00 and in war times…who is going to pay to keep the guns shooting? well, the drones flying?

  7. Good point, but there is no real defence against inflation. Any business pays higher tax for a smaller real earnigs. Gold and inflation proctection bods will keep you at zero. You have to find amazyng business, and it will be to expensive with small yields. Do I get this right?

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