The Prosus / Tencent Stocks Discount Situation

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The Prosus / Tencent Stocks Discount Situation

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  1. Great video. I like to keep it as simple/stupid as possible: I just buy Tencent directly in hk, because I like the business and I think it’s fair value. Prosus just adds several layers to an already indirect ownership

  2. Wonder if Prosus still has any risks associated with its Parent Company based in South Africa or is it free of that risk now? I used to follow it but not for a few years now.

  3. Avoid this purchase, the discount is justified. Incompetent management. I made a nice double buying the bottom, sold to load up on more Alibaba.

  4. Prosus is a tricky company to value due to its unique shareholder structure, which disadvantages investors outside of Naspers. Prosus continues to struggle with profitability, with none of its businesses generating noteworthy bottom-line profit, and its value is still heavily dependent on Tencent.

  5. Thanks for the update Sven. I’m not sure if this is how you pronounce fintech in your country but in the US, phoenteically it’s pronounced fin-teck, not fin-tetch.

  6. Great video! I suspect the discount with Tencent will never disappear. Basically Prosus is 75% Tencent 25% speculative. I bought some Prosus shares disregarding the 25% bets, you very well covered the business and its layers.

  7. If there was an obvious arbitrage, it would have disappeared long ago.
    Investors who want to own Tencent may simply want to own Tencent, without any garbage attached.
    People just can’t help but make investing unnecessarily complicated.

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  8. Would it be a good idea to make a arbitraje pair operation? Like to buy prosus and sell tencent betting that the gap gets smaller

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  9. Is very different to own tencent that to own a company that owns another company that owns tencent
    The gap may be justified

  10. Thank u so much !! was very much looking forward for this video.
    how come prosus isnt paying capital gains tax for selling 10cent?
    sorry still a bit confused, what is the total market cap? is it 65B euro (27.92 share price)?

  11. I’m trying to avoid new buys now in order not to get sucked into a bear trap. On the other hand, I’d love to know best possible areas and ways to invest amid downtrend, my goal is to retire comfortably at a ballpark of $1.2M

    1. good luck! comfortable retirement all comes down to how you want to live your life, if you pinpoint a particular amount to retire with, then it’s only right to plan with a well-qualified advisor

    2. I agree, the role of advisors can only be overlooked, but not denied. I remember few summers back, just after my awful divorce, I was in dire need of investing guidance to keep my head above water and thankfully, I came across someone of grit, helped a lot to grow back my reserve notwithstanding inflation, from $350k to nearly 7figure as of today.

    3. massive gains! been caught up with emotional investing lately and cant afford any more mistakes, could you please share more info on your invt-adviser? i’m an absolute newbie

    4. For sure My advisor is Camille Anne Hector, she’s well qualified,Her strategy is top notch and with her strategy i’ve been able to achieve great gains from the market the internet is where to find her basic info.

    5. Crazy This reference seems really valid.. Just looked up her full name on my browser and found her webpage without sweat, Alot of years experience is certainly striking! very much appreciate it thanks for sharing

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  13. Didn’t management at Prosus announce they were going to continue to sell down the Tencent stake to buyback shares AND invest in their own portfolio of companies. Most of which appear to be second class money losing tech companies. I would assign negative value to their current portfolio as it’s a drag on the tencent position. Also factor in that any more spins from Tencent have not been passed through to Prosus share holders but kept in Prosus. Is 40% a justified discount? I would say maybe with managements poor capital allocation plans.

  14. The discount is in owning Tencent cheaper. But they are selling Tencent and buying back their own shares, thus losing the discount on Tencent and losing Tencent while that’s where the value is/was. That sounds weird to me. Buy back shares withouth selling Tencent shares is where they value would increase.

    1. The value created is the % of ownership of Tencent per share. Even though the absolute ownership of Tencent lowers, the relative ownership of Tencent per share increases

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