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After 15 years of cash printing and zero rate of interest we definitely are in . Investing might be the hardest thing to do, but may be the only service.

My enthusiasm is to search for low danger high reward investment chances. I use my accounting skills and investing experience in order to discover intriguing financial investment concepts that provide the possibility to lead me towards my monetary goals.
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  1. Quick question Sven: as of the last earnings report, Alibaba had 14.6b under the current share repurchase program. At $70/share, that is 210m ADSs, or 8% of shares outstanding. Why has the buyback yield been so low (around 3%) in FY22 and FY23? Stock-based compensation has also dropped considerably: in the first 6 months of FY23, it was 5.2b RMB (versus 14.5b in FY22). Cheers,

    1. Some of that has been siphoned off to pay for “social” programs like this common prosperity or other undisclosed uses directed by the ccp. This is the thing when you invest in a communist country, the profits you make are not up to you to utilize in any way you want

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