The Answer To Inflation Investing In 2023!

is a strong subject, however not that easy. To safeguard yourself or even much better, gain from , you require to think in a manner that you win no matter what.

My passion is to look for low danger high reward financial investment chances. I use my accounting skills and experience in order to find intriguing financial investment concepts that use the possibility to lead me towards my financial goals.
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Constantly bear in mind: "Investing includes threat of loss".

The Answer To In 2023!

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  1. I based my investment strategy on the assumption that we are headed into stagflation which should be good for gold and silver. I bought some physical silver when it was still relatively cheap and then switched to gold and silver stocks. It’s a 60/40 split. Wish me luck…

  2. the answer to inflation investing is give up and get a real job that actually produces something in this world.

    1. I’m from Los Angeles , I and two other of my friends tried him immediately we testified he’s performing wonders

    2. I just withdraw my profits a week ago, it was so shocking when I withdrew $32,450 knowing I invested $3,000. I wish I could reinvest but, too much bills 😩

  3. 4:45 my first option was ADM . They came transfer to the customer the inflation/cost easily without huge impact on their sales. But, there price it’s expansive now. My second option was Amazon. Same reason but is fair price and third one was Google.

  4. Even with the economic Inflation😩 I’m very excited to have earned $10,250 on my $4,000 investment every 13 days 😊

    1. After watching so many YouTube tutorials on trading I was still losing, until Mr. Kain Warwick started managing my investments now I make $6,800 a week. God bless you, you have been a blessing to my family.

    2. @Kyle Gutierrez KainWarwick is the only one I can leave my investment with and think less about it, he is my money maker. I just received 24,300 of my investment last month. I am very happy because he is leading me to financial freedom.

    3. @Kyle Gutierrez KainWarwick is the only one I can leave my investment with and think less about it, he is my money maker. I just received 24,300 of my investment last month. I am very happy because he is leading me to financial freedom.

  5. 6:05 it sound logical that Q4 will be bad or not good enough for the market. So, the stock will go down more… 80 at Q1? Won’t be surprised

  6. What do you think about telecommunication companies, which have a lot of debt financed infrastructure? Inflation let the nominal value of the infrastructure grow, while it lowers the nominal value of the debt and rising prices can improve the already good returns.

  7. I got the answer when I asked myself what can’t of 6 stocks/etf’s do you want to own when the market crashes….the answer was Goog….Meta….Baba and the etf’s KWEB and ADRE…..btw …..inflation is dead and gone…..I love MSFT but it is simply too expensive and now I am not interested in the overhyped Apple garbage ….. the big theme still is get out of the EU-S-S-R with your saving because the WEF-nazi’s are controlling Europe….

    1. It has been awesome, really crypto is very frustrating.. I was astonishing how I made $71,380 with $14k as a Novice. I got to put in some $$$ in it tho .

  8. Hi Sven, thank you for all your rational information! I want to do more research on my stocks (getting more perspectives), so I am looking into the Seeking Alpha subscription. Is your discount via the link for one year, or for every year from now?

  9. Considering the current market conditions, what do you think about a PE of 18? Is it a safe entry point? I am afraid for a depressed period where markets will return to low single digits. I know google has monopoly but a PE of 15 would give me more comfort. For the same reason I am avoiding Apple and Microsoft.

    1. The current PE is not an indicator of value except in relation to how earnings are expected to change in the future, and, how uncertain that expectation is. Buying at a high PE is only justified by high confidence in a high rate of earnings growth, e.g. ASML with PE ~40. The lower the expected growth rate, and the lower the confidence in that expectation, the lower the PE you should purchase at.

  10. 5% growth long term from these levels is a strong assumption. The advertising business isn’t recession proof. What if 2021 and 2022 were an anomaly, we go back to 2020 profitability and we grow 5-10% from there ? Just applying Ben Graham’s principle of taking the average earnings over the past 5 years 🙂

  11. Hello Sven, thanks for the interesting analysis.

    Is it possivle for you to analyze “Cannan” stock? (CAN).

    It is a bitcoin miner manufacturer with no debt and cash on hand. The earnings have dropped a lot but p/e ratio is low. It seems an interesting investment to me.

  12. Thanks Sven! I am going to shamelessly promote your book to anybody on here who wants great tools to find great businesses at fair prices. Yes inflation is discussed in the book. The tools in your book are excellent and have really helped me calculate intrinsic values and to determine when to purchase and sell. I am going to read through it again as there is so much info for an inexperienced investor and i think it will help me grow with a second read through!

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