Telecom Italia is a 3X NOW after 20 years of PAIN…

is a stock that has actually offered only discomfort to its investors for the last twenty years.

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0:00 Stock.
1:00 TIM Service.
5:45 Driver.
9:28 Danger & Reward.

Telecom Italia is a 3X NOW after 20 years of PAIN…

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  1. Profitability is very bad and solvency is horrible,
    Yes its undervalued but remember, cheap crap is still crap!

    1. Correct. Such junk almost reminds me of what you find on the “Canadian Securities Exchange”…

  2. Exellent point about Buffet saying ‘turnarounds ‘ or promised turnarounds seldom turn around. And jumping in and out at the right time I’ve so far never been good at.

  3. Overall a very interesting video. Thank you, Sven.
    Question – I see 3 different tickers, TIIAY, TIAOF, and TIAIA, for OTC exchange. The first has the largest volume. Is that the one I should be looking at?
    If “everyone expects” how can the price not already reflect the expectation?

    1. that is a good question, but the market usually needs a thing to happen to believe it, but even then it might not, as said in the video.

  4. Thank you Sven for this interesting video.
    What are your thoughts on Reckitt Benckiser after the significant drop this Friday after the 60 million Dollar jury verdict?
    Could you potentially discuss it in a future video?

  5. The Italian stock market has never been friendly to shareholders, even back when GDP was growing.
    The management teams typically focus on growth in commodity-like businesses with no competitive advantage whatsoever, and equity is regarded as nothing more than a source of cheap risk capital.
    Precisely when they publish the most optimistic projections you should be wary of the risks. It just happened a couple of years ago that Saipem gave the rosiest growth projections, and then shortly later issued a profit warning, made a couple of reverse splits, and finally a hyper-dilutive capital raise. That’s not untypical.

  6. I ve tried buying the dip in credit Suisse, and I am swiss… They let it die, I got screwed. Probably the same will happen here.

    1. here the thing is much simpler, it is impossible to look at the asset and liabilities of a bank like CS, but a telco is simpler, hard they will grow, but..

    1. It isn’t for no reason that shareholders of Italian companies are often referred to as “parco buoi” in Italy, am I right?

    2. Many Italian companies did fine. All the Financials (Intesa, Unicredit, Generali), Ferrari, Leonardo…

  7. You should really take a look at Air France KLM, very Deep Value, and olympics are in France this year

  8. Italy has one of the cheapest internet contracts in the world. Like 5-7 euros for basically unlimited mobile traffic on your smartphone

  9. I know people come here for good stock advice, for me it is like coming to an investing school, thumbs up to you teacher πŸ™‚

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