Stocks To Buy Recommendations Format – Looking Forward To Your Ideas!

Stocks to purchase – let's get to a number of those. here is the format on how to suggest your stock to purchase, I am anticipating your comments.

My passion is to look for low danger high reward financial investment opportunities. I apply my accounting skills and experience in order to find intriguing financial investment concepts that use the possibility to lead me towards my financial objectives.
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Recommendations Format – Looking Forward To Your Ideas!

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  1. Thank you Sven, it takes a life to understand how some markets works, and we want to know everything works in 5 minutes.

  2. CLIQ, CLIQ Digital, Mkt cap 175M, Description: Various streaming services worldwide, Investing style: Growth with some dividends, Growing fast but how long is the runway? Market likes it. Risks: Streaming services bad business?

  3. OK, let’s do this. MPW Medical Properties Trust, Inc. , Hospital REITs business. Long term (10y) hold for dividend with yield almost 10%. Price pushed too hard by shorters and rising rates. Market ignores main business model and has unhealthy focus on it’s tenants. Hospitals will probably stay. Risk. Some tenants may have problems = lower FFO and rising rates can slow growth.

  4. -GPW , Warsaw Stock Exchange, 1,5 B PLN
    -Polish Stock Exchange, natural moat as all stock exchanges with P/E around 10. Cash more than debt. Polish economy is still growing.
    -Slow Growth
    -For the most people in Poland savings account and real estate is the only way to preserve there money. According to presentation on GPW website less than 20% are investing in stocks. Investing in stocks will be promoted as a part of pension savings plans.
    -Nobody talking about Poland, everyone is focused of S&P500 and US stocks.
    -The risk is that company can remain value trap. But meanwhile you will be receiving at least 2,5 PLN dividends per share ( around 5,5% div. yield after Polish div. withholding tax), and according to the new policy it will be increasing. 50% owned by government, it could be a management inefficiency risk, but meanwhile almost impossible to have a complete lose of money.

  5. Hello sven got it 😁,
    – Ticker : IMKTA → Ingles Markets, Incorporated
    – Market CAP: 1.75B
    – Business description : Ingles Markets is a company dedicated to retail. Specifically, the company is positioned as a supermarket chain spread largely across the southeastern portion of the US, the company also boasts almost 2 millions square feet of warehouse and distribution space
    – Investing Style: VALUE Small cap / Defensive stock
    – Catalyst :
    1. 65% of Ingles’ total assets are backed by real estate holdings (Real estate value; 2.0x Price-to-Book)
    2. The company has been reducing their debt, which has been their major issue from a financial standpoint.
    3. The supermarket industry is recession-resistant
    4. Fixed cost leveraging on greater sales volume will lead to a benefit and expansion in margins.
    5. PE ratio and PCF slightly lower than industry (PE 6.50 && PCF 7.8)
    6. Insider ownership percentage > 20% which can indicate a good management and return for shareholders
    – Risk:
    1. EPS and revenue growth are predominantly stable in this sort of industry. However, there stands to be the risk that these numbers fluctuate due to trends in the industry. If margins come down, then earnings will take a hit.
    2. Ingles has two classes of shares; class A and class B. It is clear that owner Robert P. Ingle II, who owns 60% of the total shares outstanding, controls a majority vote. This can be a risk factor, but that doesn’t mean the business is not a good investment. A ton of companies have two classes of shares, including Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, which is one of the best performers of all time.

  6. At&t without WB the stock is in a better position the free cash flow and stock dividend is still strong vs pre split whit the early 5G infrastructure will give it a head in the long term but in the short term with the current economy with high inflation we will see the stock price fluctuate tremendously if it continues as is

  7. I’d reccomend Berry Global (BERY), a simple boring plastic producer (however I like boring). They claim that they are able to pass costs of inflation to the customer and just announced ~800M free cash flow for 2022 and another 700M worth of buyback for 2023 on a marketcap of ~7B. Also announced first dividend, so management seems confident in continuing this trend. It looks like it has high debt, but they are currently at around 3.7x EBITDA and reducing, it is also quite long term debt with reasonable interest so no worries. However the market is still scared of the debt I think. In the announcement it sounded like they may use leverage to buyback which might get hairy in the future, but we’ll see!

    1. Glatfelter is a similar one. Airlaid nonwoven is expected to grow at a cagr of 7% over next 10yrs. High debt though.

  8. – Enhabit – market cap 650M USD Recent spinoff
    – Some healthcare stock
    – Capital appreciation
    – Catalyst: Undervalued Spinoff,
    – Why is market wrong: Its a Spinoff and if Seth Klarman bought it then market must be wrong somewhere
    – If Seth Klarman buy then no risk

  9. Hi Sven, I know that you are not into Pharmaceuticals, but could you have a deeper look at Pfizer? I know people say their huge gains during covid is not sustainable, but since they used that money wisely in purchasing other companies, it will increase future revenue and kind of is sustainable. Thanks for your great channel!

  10. General Electric is another stock worth having a look at since they are starting with an unbundling in January which will split the company into 3 separate companies. I have already bought some, but i imagine many of your viewers might be interested in the potential for unlocking of value by the breakup of GE.
    This is a stock which has been beaten down in the last 15 years, but with new management, and the breakup, there could be a good opportunity for investors. Some of the large hedge funds are already buying into GE (see Dataroma).

  11. Hi Sven, i think it’s interesting Marr (Marr is also the ticker): is a distributor and manufacturer of food especially in Italy. I work in the restaurants world and almost everybody (at least in the north of Italy) works with them. During the pandemic they made more acquisiton and the debt became higher. But the business looks solid. The market cap is 750 million so is a small cap. Is a dividend stock with a Great potential i think. I think the market is wrong because the see the dividend cut during the pandemic as a bad thing and also the market don’t like the debt, but it was made to make more acquisiton and the business is growing. The risk exists if multinational companies start to take over in Italy, but in this country (Italy) small and medium-sized business, especially in catering, are many and very aggressive, and many of them works with Marr. Dominos pizza tried to come in Italy and they failed. Thank you Sven, I hope to gave value

  12. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited or TSM (name and ticker vary slightly depending on where you look) has a market cap of around 380,000 MUSD as the time of this writing. The buissness is centered around manufacturing logic, mixed-signal, radio frequency, and embedded memory semiconductors which are used in mobile devices, high performance computing, automotive electronics, and internet of things markets.

    TSM is very strongly positioned within the market, research and development is ahead and execution seems to be good, which I believe makes them able to withstand the potential higher inflation going forwards, their margins have even expaneded this year. The semicondoctor market is also expected to expand 5-6% per year and the company is doing buybacks which is smart considering the current lower valutation despite continued growing financials.This looks like a great long position and because the lower valutation this might be a great time to buy and let the buissness growth, buybacks and perhaps a return to former high valutations carry the stock price higher.

    The 2 largest risks I found are both from China. The first is an invasion since the whole company is located there. The second is a flooding of the market such as the one they did with steel. I’m mostly concearned about the first one as I don’t believe China for a mid-long time to come can compete.

    Berkshire just declared a significant stake in the buisness which makes it seem even more interesting. Would love to hear your thoughts on it!

  13. Hi Sven, I’m a big fan of you and your videos.
    My suggestion is a small Italian cap that nobody has ever analyzed on YT.
    It’s called Esprinet (PRT). It has exploded during covid and now is over 60% down from highs because the pandemic is ended and so the excitement around it has vanished.
    Nonetheless this year the EPS should be the same of last year and the dividen even touched 9% recently.

    The business: it is shifting the business from Consumer Electronics (low margin) to IT solution for other Businesses (high margin) and it is leader in Italy and Spain and growing fast in other southern Europe countries such as Portugal.
    The dividend: 9% is a lot but i need to understand if next year will be the same. The payout should be 60% so there is room to maintain it.

    My father has been and analyst for 20 years and he liked a lot the stock when it was at 12, saying that it was a x3 in 3-5 years. Now it’s at 6 and he likes it even more obviously.
    Hope you like the suggestion

  14. Straight up! Love this video. I am hoping to send some videos using the new format. Thanks for your hard work! 👍

  15. Fraport AG, Market Cap 4.1B, THE european airport with big stakes in other airports in Greece and Peru. A cyclical stock with large real estate exposure (as usual for airports) and a potential dividend payer after COVID restrictions.

  16. – MBR (Warsaw Exchange), Mo-Bruk, around 1 billion PLN
    – Waste Management
    – high growth but also sizeable dividend
    – Poland is a fast growing economy (compared to Western Europe) but the stock market is underdeveloped, company has little debt and are in a sector where there are high barriers to entry (permits + facilities), the stock is down
    – they have some expansion planned and say there is potential for growth, this needs to materialize, a foreign company can also buy the company as the market cap is around 300 million € or $.

  17. Great idea Sven! It will be nice to read all the comments to find also new idea..who knows!
    Just one comment, do you think it will be possible/better for us to write the analysis on your research platform so that we have all idea there? Dont know if there is a space where we can freely write

  18. Some Speculative Stock: Fiverr
    – Ticker FVRR
    – Market cap 1,5 Bln
    – Mittigates digital work. a) by trying to standardize on certain digital tasks b) also provides a more freelance model
    – Catalyst: a) remote work is becoming very common (software development, it, marketing, product design, graphics design) b) small to middle sized companies cannot manage outsourcing (lack of scale), but they now can do outsourcing/wage arbitrage using fiverr (c) lack of skilled workers in some markets (e.g. shortage of sw developers)
    – risk: the big boys take over as soon the business model thrives

  19. Orry cant follow you instructions but my 4 biggest holdings are: Ecopetrol; Petrobras; DHT Holdings and Frontline; They are Midterm Income and fundamental-momentum plays (1-3 years) Their coming payout ratios are crazy high as they have EM risk, socialist takeover/taxation risk and large cyclical market risks – but WWIII would probably be bullish while 99% of other stocks would crash. All of my largest holdings will get destroyed if we see oil demand destruction – i follow tanker rates daily, so I will be out really quick if the tides stop rising

    there market is wrong because of Tanker rates are rising in an epic way and political risk in Brazil and Columbia is not bigger than the political risk coming from the Biden Administration, the discount to US Oil Majors is not justified; Ecopetrol owns refineries and has exports, as well as assets outside of columbia that make it resilient to political risk

    I recently sold YPF with a really nice profit; wish me luck that it goes on

    Cheers, i will be back value investing in boring stocks with uncertain outlook after i sold my 4 biggest positions
    Sven Carlin is the best financial/investing youtuber by far

    Best Regards

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