Solar Stocks, One By One, Solar ETF (TAN) & Sector Analysis

and the (TAN) have actually been seriously struck lately, the preliminary enthusiasm has softened and the high money flows invested into more production have produced oversupply. Is it the time now to purchase ?

Solar Sector 91 Page Analysis Report On Free Sneak Peek:

0:00 Solar Stocks
1:14 First Solar & Sector
11:03 Enphase Energy
14:11 NEXTracker
15:19 Solaredge
17:12 Hannon Armstrong
19:26 Xinyi Solar
20:09 GCL
20:45 Sunrun
21:09 Array
22:19 Shoals
22:40 Daqo New Energy
24:21 Clearway
26:07 Canadian & Others

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Solar Stocks, One By One, (TAN) & Sector Analysis

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  1. First šŸ™‚ Thank you for making YouTube videos I learn so much from your videos and the more I learn bc of videos like yours the less I fear to invest my performance reflects it Iā€™m beating all 3 indices this year so far

  2. So its probably better to invest in chemical compagnies that suply these markets also alluminium, copper producers would benefit more, electrical component suply. thinking about dupont, solvay, norsk hydro, rio tinto, TE connectivity.

  3. I had found ARRY on my own and although numbers are good, qualitatively not much moat / advantage, maybe not a fabulous business. Don’t like how rate sensitive solar is.
    UNH at a PE of 17x on the other hand… it took a perfect storm to roll that into such a crazy value relative to its history.

  4. Thank you, Sven! I found this channel recently and my impression is of very grounded realistic view that benefits yours viewers. Thank you! Thank you! šŸ™‚

  5. šŸ—½ I prefer the conventional energy sector. It is valued cheap and the oil demand is high for many more years to come.

  6. What I don’t understand is, if its so cheap to buy these panels, and the energy prices are stable and growing according to my bills, how come they are not making a ton of money out of this?

    1. I think it is more of an investment question: when are you getting back your money.

      At 5+% interest rates, 10+ years to get back your money is not a great investment.

  7. Thomas Carper, the chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee has just invested over 100k into the Ishare Glwobal clean energy ETF in 29th of March. Although 100k might not be that much but I think it’s a pretty good signal.

  8. I think the apetite for EHS is gone now. Companies will focus on make money and not be politically correct…but I will keep one eye. I might be wrong

  9. Sven, thanks for your analysis. It would be great if we can look at oil stocks as oil prices seem to go up due to geopolitical uncertainties.

    Two interesting stocks to look at – Ecopetrol and Petrobras with 27% and 19% dividends and P/E 4

  10. Interesting thing is which way trump will go on solar. Its a green technology, so he may reduce or eliminate subsidies. But also china is flooding market, so he may increase tariffs.

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