Small Cap Niche Stocks (B&C Speakers, Brembo, Campari, Cembre)

4 niche that lots of you have asked about, take pleasure in the analysis.

0:00 Niche Stocks

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Small Cap Niche Stocks (B&C Speakers, Brembo, Campari, Cembre)

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  1. nice video sven. Would like to hear your thoughts on US banks, especially the big banks.As there seem to be so much of fear and uncertainity around the sector now ?

    1. You are right. I would continue to watch how the Banking sector evolves over this 2023. I would agree that there could be bargains. I like to look at the PE ratio (and Dividend).
      One of the best value currently is Citigroup / Citibank.
      I’m not a spam bot, I live in UK Wales and been watching Sven channel for 3+ years.

  2. When people look for a motorbike, they always seek out bikes with Brembo brakes. Motovloggers always mention them. I would say they have a big moat. They are not only for rich people. I have one of the cheapest 300cc bike on the market, and it mounts brembo brakes by stock. They are everywhere. Add the racing factor (Formula 1, for example), and it becomes a solid candidate for any portfolio.

    1. Brembo is good … but the company and the share has already done a lot of growth last 5-10 years. The PE ratio is still pretty reasonable. You can see that Sven is not feeling very attracted to this investment.

    2. That’s correct, Brembo has a niche. Fantastic product. But I think it is priced in the stock. At a 25% drop it could start being attractive.

  3. Sven, we have already invested everything, “for the whole cutlet with shoulders.” we don’t have to think anymore, at least 3-4 years.
    however, it’s always interesting what’s on the other side.. P/E – 14 ? dividends – 2.5%? Sven, don’t go crazy! run away from Europe.

  4. I like to look through Warren’s investments and see what he has been buying recently and in the last e.g. 12 months and look at the PE ratios of his investments.
    It will have passed a lot of research and due diligence to make it into Warrens’ holdings, yes.

  5. Campari is a company I know pretty well. Accounting professor was obsessed with it. Also, lots of time spent familiarizing with the products ; )

  6. You provide great value here on YouTube however I fear most people won’t find out that you provide 10X the value that you do here for free on your Platform for the low yearly cost. Keep up the good work 👍

  7. Sven, Ferrari has huge pricing power. What you say at 5:30 doesn’t apply to Ferrari, they sell to whoever they want, people want to buy and they can’t because they don’t own a Ferrari for example. I totally agree with what you say there though, it will totally apply to Brembo, Ducati, Maserati etc

  8. Such a great video. Its great to explore small caps – especially if you dont have a lot of capital! As i am sure most of us dont have too much this really provides a lot of value:) Would like to see more on small caps in the future

  9. Thank you again! I love to do my own homework. I will be the first to admit, my understanding of investing would have never advanced to where it is now without help from others. As my skills grow, so do my ambitions. My portfolio is filled with companies outside of the US. I am doing well. I don’t own anything from Italy, yet. I am following the markets closely. I added to a European company this past week I felt was over sold. Maybe one of these stocks will dip to a buy soon.

  10. Very interesting video! You make a great point about how it’s not rich people, but wannabe rich people, who buy luxury and designer brands. That’s how people go broke trying to look rich.

  11. Wait a sec… Sven researching Italian stocks so he can take a trip to Italy and write it off as a business expense?

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