Rio Tinto Stock Analysis (Iron Ore, Copper, Aluminum Cycle Investing)

Tinto Stock Analysis provides a fantastic sign of what goes on in the economy. Plus, Tinto has been an excellent compounder but remember is a cyclical stock and one needs to beware when in spite of the fantastic fundamentals.

1:10 RIO Stock Price
2:56 Basics
4:36 Cyclicals
6:01 Expense Curve
8:07 RIO Stock Appraisal

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(Iron Ore, Copper, Aluminum Cycle Investing)

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About the Author: Richard Money


    1. Losing half of value at the beginning of a 3-5 year ownership is nothing. NOW if thats your time horizon and it doesnt recover and you expected it to and you went ALL IN, now thats a problem.

    2. Since I bought BABA l am afraid and sensitive to falling knives that just keep falling! Remember the 1st rule – ‘don’t looze money’😕

  1. Hi Sven! Great analysis … personnally prefer Glencore but will definitely take a closer look at Rio Tinto 👍👍👍

  2. I added a few shares of RIO to my portfolio last year. It’s one of my smallest positions. These are practically tracker shares. When it goes back down to $40 – $50, I will buy larger tranches.

    1. I’m from Australia Hans… you generally find that Rio and BHP soar on the back of massive recessions…. China does massive stimulus to build infrastructure…. best to buy BHP/RIO when ore prices bottom they’re effectively some of the lowest marginal cost producers in the world… similar is also Fortescue…

  3. I’m following Vale close competitor to RIO.. the stock doubled from november to april… now it’s pulling back a little, maybe can create opportunities if it falls back to november level.. the capex on these stocks have fallen greatly over the past 10 years and they started to reward stockholders more and more.. it’s an interesting story.. china slowdown can be a risk, but they have a sort of moat… no one can enter the iron ore market and compete with giants like Vale, Rio, BHP..

  4. Thank you for another great video! What a great weekend to have 2 of Sven videos on both Saturday and Sunday.

  5. Thanks for another one, Sven.
    What do you think about REITs (while the rates are not that high, and who knows what level they will be at – maybe stop at 2.5%)? Do you think there is a housing bubble, and can it influence REITs in the near future?
    Besides, what is your opinion on covered calls ETFs like JEPI? They seem to have at least some downside protection and look overall ok, but it is still relatively new.

  6. Hey Sven, great video as always, I will be watching them as well, but what do you think about this theory that Powell and the Fed will want to make financial assets go lower on purpose as a way to avert a bigger crisis? Would love to hear an update from you on the situation, interest rate hikes seem to be happening faster and thats influencing the market.

  7. Excellent video, thank you. I personally agree, I have Rio Tinto on my watch list for a better time to buy.

  8. There is ALWAYS a way to make money in this market! While the market has not been set to easy mode recently, there are still nft to flip, solid coins to stake, IDOs to ape into, trades to make, yields to farm. Never stop hustling for those gains!

    1. All there is to investing is picking good asets at good times and staying with them as long as they remain good companies.

    2. @Ella Robert if you are confused about the markt, i will suggest you look up for a coach someone like Nicole Deanne mckay who understands the market so well

  9. How does iron prices correlate with the chinese economy? I didn’t get that part.

    Thank you for two videos this weekend!

  10. Sven, great video. this gave me a better understanding of how these cyclical stocks work. I live in Northern Minnesota on the Iron Range where Iron Ore has been mined for well over 100 years.
    can you tell me where is a good source web link to monitor current seaborne iron ore cost curve vs iron ore price chart ?

  11. Hello Dr. Carlin, hope you are well !

    Sending you this small thank you gift, and would like to ask you a question at the same time, if you do not mind answering it.

    My opinions and analysis of companies I own changed a lot over the years (largely thanks to you <3), and some investments I thought were great 5 years ago, do not look so great anymore to me now.
    I would like to have your advice about selling shares at a loss.

    Let me give you an example : I am down on BABA and I do not mind.
    But I bought AT&T a couple years ago, and the more I learned about the company over the years, the better I got reading financial statements, the more I dislike this business, and it's growing every quarter.

    Thing is, I am down like 40% on this holding, and even though they pay dividends, I am wondering if I should let it ride and assume it's going to perform poorly but eventually it might break even or something ?

    Or rather the fact that I lost conviction in my investment should convince me to accept the loss and move on to something else ?

    I am reading about the loss aversion bias, I am pretty much in this I think, I assume the rational way would be to accept the loss and move on to a better investment ?

    How would you approach such a situation ? I assume this happened to you before, even if you are a great investor ?

  12. Hi Sven, thank you for the video, I am going to keep a close eye on Rio Tinto and the price iron ore 🙂

    I am wondering if you want to do a video on Black Rock (Blk)? which has had a pullback of 27+% and looks interesting. I was trying to figure out the reasons for this and would like to hear your thoughts, might add to my portfolio. Thank you for the quality videos!

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